9 comments on “Abolition of the term “Illegal Immigrant”. Will It Be Criminalized?

  1. In sweden this happened long ago, the term used by the parties and media is “asylum seeker without documents”.

  2. The illegal immigrants should be banned, not the word or term used for these invaders who come by thousands in Greece and Europe (because they are INVADERS in foreign countries, not poor little helpless immigrants who seek paradise in Europe as they brainwash us to believe to use us Emotionally, so we won’t react when they invade illegally our borders every day).
    Because simply they are illegal invaders. And the EU governments come up with all kinds of tricks and games of a communication war, calling the invaders of middle east to Europe by millions immigrants, poor little victims seeking political asylum, victims of human trafficking and all kinds of names who involve the role of the poor victim and that which requires sympathy,over-tolerance and acceptance with No terms from the country taking them, because “they are hurt victims treated badly back home and they escape and invade Europe, seeking political asylum”.

    We live in times of global clinical schizophrenia and brutal forcing violation of rational thinking and of the correct and true side of facts happening behind our backs, without us ever being asked for them.
    Enough with the crap and the sneaky communication games. Words and terms can Not change reality and the dramatic consequences this nightmare will bring.

  3. They would love to ban the word “illegal” for any activity or thing because then all their crimes can be obscured even more! Unless of course you are telling the truth as it is – then YOU and your activity in exposing the filth & hypocrisy will be labelled “illegal” in your own country! Oh what an inverted JEWISH system we still find ourselves in… but not for too much longer if the growing world sentiment is anything to go by!

  4. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Yep. The same crap is happening here in the Former USA, now what I coin or call “Amurkistan”.
    Months back on Amren, there was an article based somewhere out of Seattle area in Washington state where some council member (A Jew of course…) wanted to get rid of the term illegal immigrant.
    We saw this political correctness bullshyte begin in the USA in the late 80’s, early 90’s. By enforcing the changing of the words and/or verbiage that the everyday citizen uses, the elite and ZOG hope to change and/or alter our thoughts and hence our actions that follow too.
    Nope, did not work with me. I say nigger and spic and kike out loud. I am rebelling. There is no way in hell I will ever view the squatmonster invaders that have illegally jumped the US border from that turdmound Mexico anything but squatters and illegals.

    The Pakis and other dune coons that are invading Greece are not native Greeks. They are illegal invaders. That’s it…..
    You can paint the turd gold, but it is still a turd.

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