10 comments on “Albanian Robbers Beat 76 year Old Man to Death, Wife in Critical Condition!

  1. Albanians are by far the biggest disgrace to white people on the planet. They are inbred scum who act as middle men for global Jewry in the drug trade, sex slavery, and other rackets. Albanian organized crime and terrorism is also backed by NATO and Israel, where a once irrelevant Albanian people are today creating instability and spreading havoc all around the Balkans. Nobody whose ever been around Albanians has a good opinion of them, except of course for Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.


    Revenge Albanian Style : Documentary on the Antiquated Blood Feuds in Albania

  3. We know exactly how you feel,we’ve got the same situation with negroes and all manner of other riff-riff.

    The politicians are doing this on purpose,they’re enjoying these stories if they even care at all.

    Do what you gotta do to defend yourselves,Greece. If you do nothing, it will only get worse with time. It’s your country,it doesn’t belong to the crooked scumbags in politics who are foisting these terrorists on you.

  4. The time can’t come soon enough when you finally get to “clean up” both the corridors of the powers-that-don’t-deserve-to-be AND the streets! HAIL VICTORY! HAIL GOLDEN DAWN!

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