6 comments on “Greek Government Unveils “Important Evidence” In Their Case Against Golden Dawn

    • Its not a joke, this is actually what they are going to use in the trial to prove Golden Dawn is a criminal organization.

  1. Why don’t the lawyers for Chrysi Avgi move for a summary hearing or compulsory injunction to demand that the Greek government reveal the entire body of its presumed evidence against the party? Obviously, the Samaras government intends to play this game as long as it can in order to erode the party’s credibility, demoralize its members and cause a fracture in the party ranks. It’s time to either bring a civil injunction against the government prosecutors to create a conflict of interest in the prosecutorial team and put the government back on its heels. If the party doesn’t move quickly it is going to bleed to death by a thousand small cuts.

    • There are some advantages for GD out of the present situation. Even Greeks who accepted the Establishment line can see who really has the dirty hands and who is the persecuted party. Accordingly, the possibility of future Establishment accusations and smears being believed greatly reduces. They are shooting their own fox.

      Perhaps the time to force the issue as you suggest would be in the immediate run-up to the elections. The sight of Michaloliakos emerging at the last, vindicated and finally speaking out, would have a great impact on the electorate – moreso, one would think, than Michaloliakos being free today to attend rallies and electioneer like the other party leaders.

      The Greek Establishment has provided GD/ND with a unique shot of electoral adrenalin. It should be used wisely.

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