13 comments on “Zougla.gr Shows Who That 50% Of “Undecided Voters” Support: Golden Dawn First In Polls!

  1. A strong possibility that the Zionist stooge Samaras will have every parliament member of the people’s party arrested by next month to prevent them from winning the projected 40% (or more!) of the municipalities nationwide. Samaras will especially try to bring in Kasidiaris who is projected to be the next Mayor of Athens. Regardless , he will still win in Mays election and it will send a message to all the CONservative and liberal democrats not only in Greece but throughout the whole continent! Plus the peoples party is an almost sure bet to be in the Euro parliament and that’s not sitting well with those clowns. Samaras knows he is on his way out and so is his traitorous party.

  2. Samaras announces €500m pre-election “strategy to buy votes”

    One million set to benefit as are police and soldiers earning less than €1,500 a month

    After conclusion of seven-month negotiations with the troika, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras says €500m will be distributed among roughly one million needy citizens


    • That adds up to a “ONE TIME ONLY PAYOUT” of €500 for a million destitute Greeks.

      Does the Samaras Gov’t actually believe that €500 will be enough to support these people for a prolonged period of time? It barely covers a months rent in a skid row housing complex infested with roaches and vermin.

      What about food, healthcare and employment?

      FUCK HIM!

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