6 comments on “VIDEO: Kasidiaris to Dendias “You are a government of liars and thieves!” ENGLISH

  1. They do say the truth hurts but what Kasidiaris said to Dendias, that rat, that wimp, that piece of country destroying bought and paid for traitor filth was not strong enough…! myself, because of the damage this perverted coward inflicted on your once safe and beautiful country and people, he should face the ultimate penalty, first arrested then the rope,and if not that just make sure that he never ever sees the light of day again…. Horrorble, horrorble zionist controlled little “man”…..!

  2. If my son grows up to be a 1/4 of the man Kasidiaris is I’ll be the proudest father next to Ilias’ father!

    Another great speech from the heart of Kasidiaris is from today! The official declaration of Golden Dawns candidate for mayor of Athens and the next mayor of Athens, Ilias Kasidiaris!!


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