9 comments on “Golden Dawn NY Celebrates the 25th of March

    • The Guardian, what a disgusting liberal-marxist comic, toilet paper and then you would have to be really desperate… “News” papers are losing readers every day now as people wake up to the propaganda and brainwashing garbage eminating from these mainly controlled Zionist “rags”… Over here in Britain there is a controlled and totally corrupt anti british organisation, laughingly called the BBC, who have permission to THREATEN, every year, £150 from the british public in the form of a television licence fee… You just couldnt make it up could you, we are forced to pay on penalty of arrest and criminally charged if we do not pay this “treasonous perverts organisation”, laughingly called the “British” Broadcasting Corporation £150 yearly so that they can use that money to brainwash our children with and help the Lib Lab Con ( the one Party with 3 names),who govern our country, to forever keep in power until everything is totally destroyed and our children have no future….!

  1. Praise God! As the 25th of March is also the Annunciation of the Theotokos in the New Calendar, let it be said that the Holy Mother of God considers Greece her especial treasure, for there is found Mt. Athos. Pray for us, o holy mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

    Also, thank you for helping me and others to once again, read GRECOREPORT. This website was the brightly shining light that helped me break free of the multiculti/miscegenating heresies of the Apostate West.

    Many Years, Golden Dawn. AXIOS!

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