11 comments on “Boo-Taris Meets His Supposed “Voters”- Watch and Laugh

  1. Haha! Throw the trash out! I can’t even see why he stood there and waited. The audience obviously didn’t want him there.
    What are the people chanting at him? A translation would be cool.
    Rock on Golden Dawn, you lead the way into a new age!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Great video showing how pathetic these sell-out politicians are! Thanks for the laugh 😉

  3. I don’t think the Ultras of Aris are particularly pro-XA. I don’t think any Football/Sports clubs in Greece really are. The majority of Ultras in Greece are of the far left persuasion. The point of this video still stands, though. Even though I do doubt many people in that stadium would vote for XA.

  4. Oh my, my my, stupendous! I have never, ever heard in my life such a glorious sound as that! The Greek people certainly have woke up, tremendously uplifting, A sight to behold and very funny watching that controlled dirtbag scuttleling away between is braindead minders, LOL….

  5. Out with the trader..EXCELLENT I LOVE IT…. That mother f@#ker should be hanged for high treason against the Greek nation….

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