5 comments on “Cabinet Secretary Baltakos Confesses Conspiracy Against Golden Dawn –  Samaras Must Resign!

  1. “Kasidiaris (1): In the beginning, when I got out. What happened to Samaras, can you tell me?

    Mpaltakos (2): He was in America then…

    Kasidiaris: Yes, he was in America, but I’ve learned he suffered some strokes…

    Mpaltakos: Shock and awe! A bloody mess… He didn’t call me, I’ve warned him “those things you are doing”… I’ve warned him. He didn’t speak to me about these things. He called the other two and he ****ed them. Athanasiou (3) and Dendias (4) “you fooled me, what’s all these, you ridiculed me!” Because a day before, he made a statement to the American Zionist Congress: “it’s done, I’ve bound them, bye”. And the next day, you came out.”

  2. This is HUGE!! Just in time for the May elections and before any move to ban the party!!! He has to go on TV, I know Zougla and Trakas will air this!!! This guy must have made a business decision to align himself with the next ruling party, Golden Dawn!! Looks like it was a staged hidden camera event for him to save a lil face!! I expect others to defect from the sinking ships of Samaras/Benizelos(Turkoglu) Obviously a sold out traitor puppet of the Zionists, Samaras is done!! Can’t wait to see him in jail one day!!

  3. “In the wake of this scandal, Golden Dawn demands the immediate resignation of the Samaras-Venizelos junta and for national, free elections, in order to heal the wounds of the nation.”
    The Samaras-Venizelos junta is a criminal organization!

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