10 comments on “AUDIO: Golden Dawn NY Statement on Conspiracy Against Nationalists

  1. I guess it’s time for a new edition of Golden Dawn America radio after all these developments since the last.. Hope to see one soon.

  2. May this be the catalyst for a Nationalist revolution in Greece. Thank you for the update. Long live Greece! Long live Golden Dawn!

  3. Mpaltakos came out with a huge interview, saying it is very normal and expectable for Golden Dawn in Greece to leak these interviews they had with him, now, because now the elections of May are approaching.
    He said, and we all here in Greece, unlike the Greek Americans there, know that he’s indeed been something like a best buddy to Samaras for decades now.
    He also said that everything he said on the interview with Golden Dawn was OM PURPOSE SAID, – they were lies in other words-, he in no way supports GD, Samaras basically was at the time aware of Baltakos sneaky attempts to approach and gain the trust of GD, it was sort of a plan of New Democracy in other words to use Baltakos by making him a trusted and talkative person to members of GD when Michaloliakos was arrested, so that they understand the pkans, strategies and thoughts of GD at the time, and by that trick them and “file” them and their actions even More! that was the plan when they wanted to arrest them and finish them off.
    so Baltakos, Samaras best buddy I repeat, went on and said to many interviews he had with Golden Dawners, things they would like and things that would make them feel comfortable with him, so that New Democracy and the elite of the junta in Greece would keep a closer and sneaky communication with them.
    Baltakos also said that while he was sneakily playing that role though, he had no idea that Kasidiaris was recording. and that those recordings GD kept from sympathetic things he said for them On Purpose, show the true nasty nature of Golden Dawn.
    Anyhow though, none of the things He said for GD is true, it was the trick and the game with New Democracy aware of Baltakos actions and sayings at the time, in an attempt to trap and get to know what Golden Dawn thinks and how it operated at the time.
    Baltakos, keeps going saying that I made in purpose, many interviews with them, since They recorded them believing they would make the Greeks from what I was purposely saying think that Golden Dawn are innocent, There’s no wonder why the Golden Dawners are releashung these fake Interviews now and didn’t do it when they were getting arrested, because Now the elections are coming and they want the votes.

    • In 1960s London there was a famously embarrassing political events known to us today as the Profumo Affair. It lifted the lid on the seedy side of the life of the powerful, and involved various Establishment figures including the Secretary of State for War, two attractive young ladies, and a Russian spy. One if the young ladies was Mandy Rice-Davies. She was gave evidence at the trial of the man accused of pimping her. When prosecuting counsel implied that she was lying about one of her “friends”, Lord Astor, since he denied having “an affair” with her or even having met her, she famously replied “He would, wouldn’t he?”

      It does seem to me that there is something very odd about a government minister spying on a political party on which government has declared war. Perhaps this sort of thing is normal in Greece, I don’t know. But it could never happen anywhere else in the European world.

      Even if Baltakos really was New Democracy’s answer to Sean Connery he would have to say that, wouldn’t he? Why would one place any more confidence in his words now than in his words to Kasidiaris? Why would one assume that he was lying to GD then and not to the Greek people now?

      You rely on the supposed great friendship of Baltakos with Samaras to explain his behaviour. But there is a better explanation in his own politics … in his own words on working with GD, on foreigners (if Kostis Papaioannou is to be believed), his position on anti-racism, communism, etc.

      In any case, truth is irrelevant in the modern political world. The Greek people are ceasing to believe in the Greek Establishment. It’s all downhill for them from here, whatever they try to say.

      • I am sorry I think I posted Baltakos “explanation of behavior” post too fast and didn’t make myself quite clear.
        I wasn’t trying to explain his behavior, I was only reporting what He claimed on a summary of everything he said, the way He explained why he seemed sided and sympathetic with GD while being actively in New Democracy and remaining a very good friend with Samaras.
        You are correct and it’s very true when you say that Greeks lost all of their trust and faith to the “establishment”, but I have to let you know that in this country lying consistently, stealing, covering dirty political business, hiding behind privileges, very important political names, humanitaria actions and other in the entire political establishment has been very famous, well known and sort of to a certain level acceptable to the Greek people long before the political establishment turns itself brutally and openly to a junta Out There, taking orders from the IMF, the EU, the German government and the American one, ” hiding” behind the scenes, since of course U.S.-E.U – NATO are the same and one big ” humanitarian” power that are dictating and controlling every single political government in every nation except few.
        In other words, in Greece, it has, been well known that the political world works always for others, that it takes orders to function in a certain way, and there is something truly sneaky behind the whole political division of the parties in this country, but as long as it Seems like it keeps Greek people satisfied with their salaries and keeps the country safe, no one can really tell or do anything about the little or bigger political injustice, scandals, lack of transparency, poor law protection or obvious sneaky unfair treatment of the ruling governmeant to a certain thing. That is what’s been happening in Greece for years and decades, long before it turns to a fully obvious Troika and Merkel occupied government that is here to serve the wants and desires of the lenders and the Jews and struggle the rights, the salaries and the right of ethnical existance as well of the Greek people.
        What I am trying to say in other words, is that Greek people are honorable, proud inside, good hearted overall and decent people, they have a strict and decent moral code as a nation, but they have learned since actually the Ottoman Turkish occupation times to be quite sneaky thinking society that has less than a trust to Anyone who claims he will take the power and work for the good of its people, this is not at all a naive, easily and comfortably trusting society, it is like 2nd nature for everyone here to say ” trust no one, not even your own butt sometimes, you never know the true intentions of someone being your buddy or saying he/ she works for your own good Really are”, Natural suspicion and distrust in people’s and especially politicians actions have become like 2nd skin in this nation.
        Therefore these actions Baltakos has taken are Not so much a shocking unbelievable “act of betrayal” to New Democracy’s or Samaras party for his position against the prosecution of GD neither though would I have to say that it is very weird, sneaky and beyong suspicion if he indeed played a spying role to GD, with the full knowledge of Samaras and New Democracy, trying to gain the trust and sympathy of the Golden Dawn leadership.
        So personally to be honest i am still confused about the true purpose of his personal interviews with them.
        The fact that Kasidiaris was recording though is a clear indication that he most likely did it because he was apparently suspicious with the whole Mpaltakos understanding and sympathy and he recorded the interviews with him to use them as a defense proof for the dirty-orchestrated and completely political attempt of murder of GD by persecution, having Baltakos -an active member of the government- admitting that the whole Golden Dawn -hunting down- and persecution was just a planned Game to politically get Rid of the true enemy and opposition of the Jewish American lobby.

  4. Traitors are the worst form of evil! Those who do not care for Greece should leave ASAP! As for those who feel sorry for the swarm of invaders and not the Greek people, remember they are here to exploit – not to contribute! Look where they come from! The crime in Greece and all throughout Europe has spiked tremendously. How can you liberal minded morons not see that?! Feel bad for the criminals but not the victims?! This is insanity! Some future…

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