4 comments on “Disorientation Through Terrorism

  1. “Put any truth in a false setting and it becomes a lie. Ignore a truth that we ought to know and it becomes a peril. Suppress a truth of which we have good evidence, and, like the stone of stumbling and rock of offense, it may fall upon us by and by and grind us to powder.”……………………………… (Pages 491-494, Henry W. Rankin, in Demon Possession, by Dr. Nevius, Fleming H. Revell.)

  2. Terrorism is always staged and setup for the Zionist agenda. Like every war in the last 100 yrs. Just another day at the office for these demons. The people are merely cannon fodder. They attack relentlessly from every angle! Financially with open borders and brainwash from all media which they control to turn us gay, against eachother and to keep us occupied with shows, sports, porn etc…. Wake up people!!!

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