25 comments on “New Australian-Zionist Propaganda Video Against Golden Dawn

    • Indeed it is by All Means hilarious but it only works to societies that are somewhat STILL unaffected from the “multiculturally enriched”, and sunk in debt nwo reality, right?
      Once Australia becomes similar with the multicultural united Europe or ends up with the same fate as Greece and the rest of the affected world from all this, I guess there will be bad dangerous Nazi thugs in Australia as well?
      She has a good job so far and gets highly paid to go around and make such interviews for the behalf of the Australian Zionist Jewish run media, doesn’t she?
      Let’s see what kind of interviews will have a naive audience in Australia listening to and believing the point she tried to make when they taste the ” sweetness” of the multicultural, poor and destroyed modern white world as people do here in Greece and elsewhere as well.

  1. I just want to say on what a great job you guys at the new york division are doing. just fantastic work, you listen to your loyal unofficial members. i am a hardcore unofficial member of GD and if i lived in greece i would be a Gd member, maybe one day i just might move to greece.. but thanks again for doing this article. i saw this vid and knew it needed a article response from you guys. we live in such uncertain times.

    MEDIA ……..conveniently and purposefully do have to repeat at every Nation the same “Fairy Tales” and show those digitally altered and manipulated photos………but never comment on Antifa – Bilderberg – Trilateral – Soros – NGO’s.
    The world is governed by very different personnages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.
    All these people are against the idea of Nationalism – Patriotism – National Sovereignty – History & Religion Identity.
    History does not recollect another instance of such unparalleled success….of such immense fortunes won in such a short time by sheer force of intellect rising superior to all adverse circumstances. The firm ( of the Rothschilds ) startled the world like the flash of a meteor……..The more one considers the marvellous manner in which it won its way to fame and fortune…….the more incredible the story seems…….
    From being dealers in old coins…..the founder of the family and his sons rose to be “friends” of the government of every nation…………………..
    Mr. John Reeves in his ….”The Rothschilds”

  3. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and the next day at work half of the Anglo Aussies were saying “I wish we had a Golden Dawn here” .
    So we should actually thank 60 minutes for the publicity.

  4. Typical stupid ” political correct” and “morally superior” MY ASS western English behavior. From this air headed Australian wannabe highly paid& famous reporter female reporter.
    This blabla bla old school nazi racists thugs propaganda has become old and boring to us already. Pffff.
    Let Australia over time become more and more de-whitened, filled with modern poverty, filth, crime and Islamic population everywhere and we will see how much this blonde ” believing she s smart and knows better” Australian reporter will become.
    Why don’t you send her to interview the numerous depressed killed-for-life psychologically blonde Swedish girls who got raped from the various Muslim gangs in Sweden to interview Them ?
    Send her to interview the “enriched” multicultural experience those Swedish girls experienced, then book tickets for her to fly back to Australia.
    Stupid air headed young people who think they are morally superior next to “nazi thugs” and would do anything and lie to media for the check at the end of the month and a career! Worse than the criminals REAL THUGS , the Muslim illegal immigrants in Greece.

  5. Excellent response brothers!!! Just to note,last summer I was working as a pool lifeguard in a hotel in the island of Rhodes and I had met some really cool young Anglo Aussies.As we chatted, I mentioned that I’m a GD member not being sure of their reaction.I was really surprised to see how positively they reacted to this statement.They told me that they really admired what we are doing and the firm way we are standing up for our nation and our culture.As Spartan said, they told me they wished they had a Nationalist party like GD in Australia.Maybe they were an exception,but they gave me the impression that this multi-culti bullcrap is not as popular and well-rooted even in Australia as we might think…Keep the flame alight!

  6. I have lived in Australia for 45 years and the above piece sums up perfectly the transition of Australian society. This change in Australian society happened so quickly and easily because the Anglo culture was baseless and shallow to begin with .
    They had no fixed culture , no traditions , no unity of a single church and so the demographic change was easily achieved .
    Now with multiculturalism being so prevalent there is no unity or solidarity at all .people power is dead here in Australia and we have become a nation of mindless consumers , and that unfortunately includes most Greeks who live here.
    The most important thing to learn from this is that Australia became like this because the Anglos that were here had no cultural bearings in the first place .
    One nation , one church ,one culture and one people like what we are fighting for in Greece is what these globalists hate and what we must never lose sight of.
    In this recipie lies our salvation .
    Εθνικισμός. Πάντα και παντού

    • Good points. Also the Anglos of Australia are the descendents of criminals booted out from the UK in previous centuries. Sounds familiar !!

  7. Very short but to the point: A Disgusting piece of white Zionist paid crap, a turd dressed as a woman.. This little, i love myself idiot, should be locked in a room with a few of the thousands of mothers whos daughters have been tortured raped and killed by immigrants, with many more to follow if the lies, brainwashing and propaganda by these paid mouth pieces of the controlled Zionist media are not stopped !…What a total wind up that video was. Tell me please, where do the Zionist find these dangerous idiots who are prepared to do anything to keep there pathetic faces in front of a camera and read from a lying Zionist script….!

  8. Also ..this Australian experiment in multiculturalism is only 50yrs old and only a few weeks ago I saw a article in an Australian newspaper saying how Indonesia (the worlds most populous muslim nation) was upset at Australia’s treatment of muslim immigrants and how Indonesia considers itself the protector of the “muslim minority” here in Australia.
    Does this sound familiar ?

  9. It’s unreal how many white idiots accept their own genocide! Diversity and multiculturalism mean just that since they only apply to white countries. Look at France where they now have “urban sensitive zones” where they even warn police not to go. This is what’s in store for us people! I too hope to go back to Greece one day for good. I hear her calling for us! Putin warned his people to learn of the suicides of America and France if they are to survive as a nation…

  10. Keep fighting the good fight. I loved my holidays to Greece and witnessed a GD demonstration in the early 00′s where there only about 50 people, it’s truly great to see how you have grown in to a real force for Nationalism.
    Ευχαριστώ Χρυσή Αυγή from a Western European Philhellene.

  11. I don’t watch television so I didn’t even realised that this aired over here. It is about par with what I would have expected, a very simple and sensationalised propaganda piece. The absolute vast majority of Australians will eat it up because they have simply lost all critical and independent thinking skills. If anyone reading this could put me in touch with a Golden Dawn contact from here in Sydney I would appreciate it. My e-mail is chrisd260@hotmail.com.au.

  12. Really hilarious!
    The journalists are just sionist sluts.

    God bless your leaders and your party!

  13. Spoy on. I was norn in Australia of Greek descent and grew up with all the derogatory comments under the sun. Now Australia has become a multicultural hellhole and at times it is a case of spot the anglo yet if I make comments about this I am called a racist. The future of this country is Asian unfortunately and the amount of men in this country, and increasingly Greek men that have some little oriental on their arms with an oriental child is alarming. It is sick. I have come to the conclusion that there is a genocidal war against european people but to mention this will make me look crazy. I support your work and I don’t care who knows and I will continue to pray that peopke wake up to the nightmare awaiting is.

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