12 comments on “Israeli MP calls Sudanese Refugees “A Cancer”

  1. Reblogged this on The White Tea Room and commented:
    The Greek Media is not solely culpable in covering up the way Israeli Jews treat their Goyim. The “American” media barely breathes word of the ongoing Race Riots in Issrael. Of course – the media isn’t really Greek or American or English or German or…..you know….

  2. Makes me sick! Their objective is to mongrelize every race while they stay pure… Destroy/enslave every country but demand safety and security for theirs, a land that’s not theirs to begin with! Hypocrisy is all they know.

  3. It’s obvious that these Nazi bigots need more diversity. Their ignorance of other cultures could lead to a Holocaust of poor innocent African-Israelis.
    Fortunately, Israel is going into a multicultural mode. Israel is not going to be the monolithic society it once was. It’s a massive transformation. Africans and Muslims may be resented because of their leading role in that transformation,but without this transformation, Israel will not survive. They need millions of hardworking Africans to do the jobs Jews won’t do.
    Please like and share this facebook page, if you can. Let’s help spread the wonders of African and Muslim diversity to Israel,the country which has so selflessly worked to share these vibrant new cultures with all of us goyim,but who somehow forgot to enrich themselves.
    We have been humbled by the leading role our democratic ally in the Middle East has taken in enriching our own homelands, and we think it’s time to return the favor!
    Probably my favorite thing about this page are all of the touching pictures of nice Jewish boys and girls with wonderfully vibrant Ethiopian boys and girls, though it is lamentable that the Jewish boys who want to marry African boys and the Jewish girls who want to marry African girls are not permitted to do so in Israel. C’mon Israel, it’s 2014! It’s time for you to evolve!

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