6 comments on “Despite Being Easter, Zionist Groups Are Coming To Greece To Draft A Ban On Golden Dawn

  1. So unbelievable, you just could not make this up! Will some one please tell me why this disgraceful country destroying criminal traitor Samaras, who seems to think that he is immune from every criminal act he performs, is not hanging from the nearest lamp post or, at the very least, arrested!… He must have been given a solid cast iron promise from his “controllers” that as long as he sticks to “there agenda” he will be safe and well rewarded…The zionist agenda being the complete distruction of a once safe and beautiful Greece. If the Greek justice system has also been compromised, what about your army….!

  2. “He must have been given a solid cast iron promise from his “controllers” that as long as he sticks to “there agenda” he will be safe and well rewarded”
    The same one Saddam (Iraq) was given, the same one Gadhafi (Libya) was given, the same one Assad was given (Syria), the same one Mubarak (Egypt) was given, the same one Saakashvili (Georgia) was given, the same one Erdogan (Turkey) was given, and the same one Yatsenyuk has been given recently in Ukraine. They all end up dead, in jail, or abandoned to the fates by their masters. This is what history shows. History also shows that the Greeks do not bend their knees … and always choose to FIGHT when their freedom is threatened. Beyond a traitor, Smaras is a fool … who will be hung high for his audacity and his crimes … while his new BFFs watch from a safe distance. This too, history will record.
    Any new “Law” by this Junta banning any party from elections based on being “accused” of crimes, before a finding of guilt in a court of law, is unconstitutional accrording to Greek law … and would overturn every international, and EU legal standard (precedent) democratic rights of parties and individuals, and the long standing tenet of innocent until proven guilty. If it were allowed to stand, any party in Europe such as BNP (UK), Forconi (Italy), Front National (France), Jobbik (Hungary), etc. could be banned from elections by simply leveling charges against them.
    That is how desperate the establishment ZOGs have become. They will not go quietly … they could never afford what would come after that … so they are choosing political oppression. So be it, if you take away our political voices and rights, we will exercise our God given rights with Fire and Axe. One way or the other, we will take our countries back.

    • Unlike these Zionist rats who can’t wait to throw each other and their puppets to the sharks, we will all stand together,indivisible.
      Nothing can break the spirit of the Greek people, nor of any true nationalist people. We will smash the ZOGsters no matter where they run or hide!
      If they run from the head of the dragon, they will be smashed by the tail, if they run from the tail, they will be eaten by the head, and if they avoid both the head and the tail, they will be gored and bled out on our claws.
      No part of their internationalist Zionist cabal will be spared our wrath,neither the global capitalists nor the communist street criminals.
      Long live the People’s Nationalists!

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