12 comments on “Thoughts On Hate – A Message from Nikos Michaloliakos

  1. Nikos Michaloliakos, a great and caring man who is known to millions of european people as the Greek patriot who will shortly bring to an end the suffering of the Greek people. Sir, i am a british patriot and when i look around me now in my own homeland i could weep to see what the paid Zionist controlled traitors have done to what was once a beautiful and safe homeland… All europeon people, who care, must now know we are fighting pure evil and that for our childrens sake we must win….!!!

    • Good comment … thank you! What the sick Greek MME forget to mention is that GD leader is a university educated man, with a high level of intelligence. I think the illegal immigration problem in Greece is slightly worse than in the UK, not forgetting that Great Britain has retained sovereigncy over it’s commonwealth colonies, but you’re right this green and pleasant land needs protecting from the EU and outside (we know who they are!) evil forces!

  2. We Ukrainians from West Ukraine pray for your leader that Golden Dawn will rise again and come to reality in Greece. There is no alternative. Golden Dawn is the future for Greece, but sad to say Svoboda is not and I am forming my own movement – ALL UKRAINIAN NATIONAL UNITY movement which calls for EXPULSION of Jews, Gays, and all those who threaten Ukrainian national heritage.

    VO Svoboda and Tyahnybok are financed by Jewish banks themselves and we see jews come to power in Ukraine more so. There is even talk about a JEW, YES A JEW.. running for president in our Christian, slavic land.. What a disgrace if Ukrainians vote for a JEW.. WE WILL THEN BE DOOMED.

    If only we had leaders like Nikos Michaloliakos running Ukraine, then JEWS would be no more. I call for unity between Ukraine and Greece to rid our lands of the JEW.

    • I agree with your comment! I’m sure most sane minded Ukrainians agree with you! Unfortunately the president of Ukraine (what’s his name again?) is Jewish, the country needs to be freed of and governed by indiginous people.

  3. Golden Dawn didn’t raise Greek taxes.
    Golden Dawn didn’t spend Greece into bankruptcy.
    Golden Dawn didn’t send Greek boys to die in foreign wars.
    Golden Dawn didn’t debauche the Greek currency.
    Golden Dawn is blameless for Greece’s current woes.
    So…… Why is anyone attacking Golden Dawn??

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