13 comments on “Zionist Power Seeks To Decide How Christians Are “Allowed” To Pray

  1. Does the anti-racism act apply to Jews in Greece?

    Perhaps the Jewish liturgical poem ‘Ma’oz Tzur’ could also be considered for review under the anti-racism act?



    Yevanim nikbetzu alai, azai bimei Hashmanim.
    Ufartzu homot migdalai, vetim’u kol hashmanim.
    Uminotar kankanim na’asa nes lashoshanim.
    Bnei vina yemei shmona kav’u shir urenanim.

    Literal Translation

    Greeks gathered against me then in Hasmonean days.
    They breached the walls of my towers and they defiled all the oils;
    And from the one remnant of the flasks a miracle was wrought for the roses.
    Men of insight – eight days established for song and jubilation

    • Your people cause it.. I have no respect for the jew or zionist.. You people do same thing to Ukraine, but we won’t allow Yats and others in Verkhovna Rada to allow zionism to control us. Ukraine and Greece will be free from zionist rule !

  2. “Anti-Hellenism is a sad and most disgraceful fact of society. I cannot even read the rubbish anymore for fear of vomiting or racing over to whoever wrote some hateful and facetious remark or distorted piece of ‘fiction’ and strangling them with my bare hands. My time of diplomacy is over and I have no more patience to even try to understand, reason with or forgive bigotry and ignorance. Strangely enough incidents of it can be found even in the modern Hellenic religion outside of Hellas. It is always amazing for me how people can profess to have love and respect for aspects of Hellenic culture like the religion and/or the philosophy and still make hateful remarks about modern Hellenes. It also never ceases to amaze me that these same people (who spread the seeds of anti-Hellenism with their lies or bias) insist on continuing to study and talk of ancient Hellenic culture as though it is somehow disconnected from the Hellenic people. It is cultural misappropriation…pure and simple. And it is disgusting and appalling! Anti-Hellenism is truly shameful.”

  3. I wondered how long it would take for the Deicides to attack Orthodoxy. The Vatican II Good Friday Reproaches were ‘santized’ DECADES ago, and have been stripped of the phrase, ‘the faithless Jews’ even as we pray FOR them. – The Deicides don’t even want THAT.

    Truly, It is a Racial HOLY War, between the seed of Satan [Gen. 3:15, John 8:44] and the seed of the Church.

    “Got Hates the Jews.” – St. John Chrysostom

    (and so do I.)

    “Love your enemies, but only your personal enemies, and NOT the ENEMIES OF GOD.”
    – St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves Lavra

    • God does hate the Jews and one day they will all suffer for their treatment of humanity. I am Ukrainian catholic and we believe same thing, well most of us in West Ukraine do, but East Ukraine is run by Jews, Russians and traitorous Ukrainians who side with them against us. May God help us and save us from the ZIONIST !

  4. The day will come when Jews will be gone from the Earth. My prayers and wishes for Golden Dawn are that it will RISE again and once it takes power in Greece, the Jews will be thrown out along with all others that oppose Golden Dawn. We Ukrainians will pray for Golden Dawn, so that it will be the one party for all Greeks. Sadly, Svoboda has failed in Ukraine and I am in process of forming my own movement. Jews rule Ukraine also just like Greece.

    May God give to us the strength and wisdom to overcome the Jew and his domination over all countries he lives in. The Jew must answer for all bad that is done. Greeks and Ukrainians need to work together to insure the survival of our national identities !

  5. Taking over Greece won’t be the end, it will only be the beginning. Golden Dawn will act as a role model for the rest of Europe to take their countries back from the filth Zionist control that’s destroying their nations.

  6. The rules apply to all but them. Even if the Christ slayers pull this one off it will backfire! Our bible merely warn us of the evil that is. Unlike the evil little book they have that talks about destroying the white Christian race. Can’t we campaign against that?! The real tragedy of ww2 was the Christian death toll which far exceeded the fabricated Jewish number…

  7. To succeed a revolution requires absolute dedication against overwhelming odds, at any moment the tide can turn and every casualty only stokes the fire to win. Thank God we have the GOLDEN DAWN.
    But you can guarantee with any revolution is the innocent will be the first to fall. The Zionist Jews have been responsible for the deaths of millions throughout history they infiltrate governments, corporations etc, like a parasitic cancer which needs to be cut out and cremated until the removal of the Jew is complete they will spread the Zionist agenda of greed and opportunism at every opportunity, not caring about the destruction of broken dreams and souls that they leave in their wake of misery Greece should be an example to everyone as to how irresponsible, ideologically Zionist driven government can ruin a country.Burn the IMF, EU central bank. and the federal reserve to the ground to break away from Zionism slavery across the globe. The Zionist despise & vilify everybody equally who refuses to surrender to their dogma. These Zionists (your leaders) WANT a clash of civilizations with Islam, which by itself shows the system YOU live in is rotten to the core.
    Now that’s real fascism!
    We need to get out of the EU then we can start to sort out these maggots with no more human rights or PC b*ll*x to get in the way, GOLDEN DAWN the only way forward.

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