7 comments on “Greece’s Forgotten “Minority”: The Disabled

  1. My Greece includes those things NOT included here. It is a Greece where the disabled are not punished for being sick. Where we have truly enlightened thinking about those in jails. A country where the our glorious past is taught in schools and we are no longer made to be ashamed of it. A country where feminism is no longer supported by government money and the horrendous damage this Marxist Zionists group has done to our families is finally recognised and ended. It is a country where people who describe themselves as Christian are free to practise their national religion. It is a country where the people in it are free to fly the flag of the Greeces if they wish. It is a country where the rule of law is as rigorously enforced against the banker and the politician as it is against the junky or the robber. A country which has rid itself of the outrageous and politically biased television stations who should not be vehicles for any party to sell us propaganda . Finally, it is a country where the nightmarish ideology of political correctness is finally wiped out and we rely upon education and debate rather than enforced thought control to govern behaviour, in accordance with the hard fought for birthright of free speech. This should be a country where the politician fears the people instead of the people fearing the politicians. And hopefully these things will come to pass when we leave the corrupt EU behind.Zionism is the strict control of money on this planet. This is the satanic union between the Stolen Land and the Euroworld money fraudsters.One can see that Zionists are not just killing innocent children in the open air concentration camp called Gaza but also innocent civilians in Greece and the rest of the world the plague of Zionism needs a cure.

  2. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    “The biggest problem however, is the cracks that physically disabled fall through. In order to be considered unfit for work in Greece, a person must have no control of 80% of their body or more. In order to qualify for such a high rate, you have to be virtually paralyzed, or be completely blind. Most other cases are ruled as fit for work, but the problem is that despite being considered able to work, employers have no interest in hiring such persons, since in today’s society people are nothing but numbers and everything comes second to the most maximized profits (as well as incentives to fill “progressive” racial and sex deviant quotas), a man in a wheelchair is judged as worthless regardless of actual ability.”

    A problem in ALL current systems, everywhere. Guaranteed minimum income?

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