8 comments on “Lecturers Of ‘Humanism’ To Racially Segregate Public Transportation In Israel

  1. Surely we all know how the jews work by now…
    “Don’t do as I do – do as I SAY!”
    Expose them with articles like this and more at EVERY opportunity! There are many, many ways to place the message out their under the public eye if you just put your mind to it 😉

  2. In America jews are anti black anti Mexican anti everything that ain’t jews there the biggest racist in the world and a big threat too the world as they not want a state of israel because they believe the world is there’s….Jews = snakes

  3. I see grafitti in my country now and then scrawled with marker pen in public toilets and other places that says stuff like “The jews hate ALL non-jews!”, “The jews hate black, white, yellow – their hatred knows NO descrimination!” and “The jew hates you, the jew hates me, to him we are just goyim, can’t you see?”.

    Given that I’m in New Zealand at the moment I’d say this is a pretty good indicator that this sentiment is extremely widespread!

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