10 comments on “Golden Dawn Presents Candidates For European Union Election

  1. It would be something quite orgasmic to see Xryssi avghiotes MP be present in the European Parlement!
    I Hope it would be a great success!

  2. Fantastic choice, congratulations ! Such high grade Dawners will be able to attract many more quality people to the movement! Good for the Greeks, good for all nationalists in Europe!

  3. just typical how the “controlled” traitors at every election time roll out the “media lovies,” you know who i refer to, the pathetic men and women who will sell their country and there childrens future to get there simple annoying faces in front of a camera… To my mind i would put these “media lovies” on a par with traitors or, at the very least when Greece is returned to the Greek people, lock them up…! With much respect, may i say i can see now why there is much panic with the country destroyers, what absolutely brilliant candidates Golden Dawn has, wow…!

  4. Now these men are true Greeks! Real role models for the future generations. I wish them luck and hope they succeed in the restoration of our motherland and the rest of Europe. God bless.

  5. I see that one of the other favourite “ploys” used by the zionist controlled media at election times has started, that being giving false voting intensions that favour their “puppets”.. That “they” think that they can still get away with that “trick” is laughable, but it shows just what these evil bastards think of us….!

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