7 comments on “Shocking Video: New Democracy MP says “Let Greece Burn.” In EU Parliament!

  1. Our ancestors are rolling in their graves! I’d rather die than say those words! No not Greece, may you burn in hell – evil witch! Even our own are against us! How the mighty have fallen… Greeks like her never existed until recent.

    • Tasos, smile patriot,your once beautiful country Greece will shortly be returned to the greek people and this disgusting “protected” little bag of wind will soon be making a beeline for the hills, along with many more of the “Greek” traitor scum.. Chin up friend, regards from a British patriot….

  2. Them and the Jews need to get hunted down, shot and hung one after the other, and it won’t be Too long till they will be forced to come face to face with all the disastrous consequences they brought to our once proud nation, as with the rest of the white nations. There is NO way that they will get away with what they have done!

    As it is very wisely written on a book called “Globalization without a mask”:

    It is a comical-tragic fact: The American global order , despite it calls itself democratic, it is nothing else than the closest, more completed and harsh come to being of the wishful prophesy of Karl Marx, for the international proletarian democracy. In other words, IT IS THAT POLITICAL STATUS WHERE ECONOMY IS UTTERLY RULING POLITICS!

    In direct contrast with the Indo-Europeans that always restricted the financial businessmen into the lowest classes of their societies, being only ruled from Lords-Priests, the Jews never really in their entire history had they any other true interest except the financial supremacy over all other nations, with one and only one passionate goal: the ultimate materialistic advantage taking of their preys, preys that are simply only allowed to existence in order to keep them(Jews) in life so that they(preys) produce for their masters (Jews).
    This whole concept of the governance of the Jews could ONLY be possible only if they had previously taken care to shake the nations with a systematic and perfectly manufactured deceit, empowering secretly and continuously constant low class people revolutions from the inside and making nations kill each other. Once the nations were enough self destroyed and weak from the various esoteric revolutions, the Jews were already having the nations acceptable to the so called “international preaches of “.

    This new “world order” that is based in such unnatural and rotten foundations in reality it cannot stand for a long time, even if it is imposed from a huge financial and militaristic power. However, if we do NOT want to see the whole world declining from this septic disease called “modern americanization – liberation” , we must find an efficient drug. And such a marvelous drug is no other than the traditional social – political morals of the Indo – Europeans , Nationalistic to the core and at the same time aristocratic.

  3. Good articulate article. Greece needs to wash itself and get rid of these anti-Christ anti-Hellenic political traitors and their lap dogs !!! We look forward to local and Euro elections to show them once and for all that there are a lot of decent law-abiding Greek citizens who are fed up with the 40 years of terror Pasok/New Democracy !! No more !!

  4. Please stop these references to ancient Athenian politics, and bring back Sparta as a model of reference. Foreigners, tourists and financiers love Athens (to the point of wanting to clean it of its present-day Greeks) since that city whose economy was based on finance and piracy only literally sold out ancient Greece to all empires passing, and remains a sacred city for Free Masons and other New World Orderites. Be brave, assert Sparta as the one true capital of faithful Greeks. Already in antiquity, Athens was the champion of population replacement through immigration of slaves from distant, tyranny-loving lands and conversion of the existing citizenry to homosexuality and despise against biological reproduction, a criminal attitude against life herself if there be any. Whereas Sparta even when acting as a conqueror and an occupier of other cities always did so to defend the native Greek population against alien or alien-friendly plutocrats.

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