9 comments on “Elders Of Zion: You Must Follow The Example Of Greece And Persecute Nationalists Everywhere!

  1. Neo -NAZI ,, a word used by Jews to describe anyone against their plan Israel is the Biggest NAZI country in the world, they own the Media , so it’s easy for them to lie .. ?These jews will lie, lie and lie.
    The filthy Jew participated in hiding the truth from the greek people and plundering the nation it´s the same people who are trying to destroy Greece and these people are Zionist-Jews in Europe and USA. They are only interested in oppressing & controlling the majority, until everyone slavishly accepts their warped amoral ideological dogma.That’s real fascism.
    Greece now know this is all a EU/IMF/USA/Zionist Planned Coup. These degenerate animal and child raping Jew puppet Marxists are beyond sick, their lust to molest is insatiable.
    The ratfaced Kike Vitali Klitschko is one of many Jews trying to infiltrate, steer and subvert the Nationalist uprising in Ukraine. But now, with 1500 firearms, 268 pistols, 2 rifles, 3 light machine guns, 92 grenades and 15,000 ammunition rounds in the hands of militant anti-Jewish Ukrainian Nationalist organizations, the attempted Jew-Marxist takeover might turn out to be a new pogrom. The coward Yids must not be allowed to leave the country and escape to Jew-occupied Palestine. The Hebrew vermin must face justice on the spot.Day of the Rope in Ukraine is fast approaching. Since the eternal enemy Jew thinks that only the non-Jew “goyyim” cattle is good for manual labor, the rat Yid is left with a flabby immobile body. This fact will prove to be to our advantage as the slow and lazy Kike will have a hard time running away from bullets. Let’s see you try to slither away from lead rounds, you filthy Jew!

  2. It is worthy of note that the majority of the aliens buying up land in Hungary are Jews. Hungary becomes the prey of alien powers. Here you witness this accursed jewish pig rat Jew President of Israel, Shimon Peres, bragging about how Hungary is one of the nations being completely conquered by the parasitic Jew monster. Listening to this devil worshipper the following quote from Hegel leaps to mind: “From the little that satisfies them one may comprehend the poverty of their existence “Yes, in their pact with Satan they were promised everything”, but they seem to have overlooked the small print that reads: You’ll never be satisfied. There secret weapons are democracy, socialism and capitalism. Abrahamic religions and media are their most powerful weapons. You take away these and they are as helpless as a Moishe on a Warsaw ghetto during the purim of 1942. These Jews are getting overconfident and think that they can buy up the whole world because their corrupt dominance in the financial world. And sure enough that’s what they are exactly doing right now. They will do it until one day when they will go too far and even the stupid morons (90 % of the population) will realize what is going on. And that will be the day when the WW2 Holocaust will look like a refreshing tea-party.

    Greece will not give up to the Jews and the hordes of illegal immigrants entering their country. The Golden Dawn will not let this continue as the people are coming to their side. That’s why the filthy Jews have arrested their leaders for a stabbing done by a person that supports the Golden Dawn. That’s like arresting the president because a democrat killed someone.
    Maybe the fucking Jews shouldn’t buy up our countries to take away our homes, our land, and our wealth, embeggaring us in the process. And then we wouldn’t become anti-Semites as a natural reaction. End of story.
    Israel and all its Jewish settlers UNDERSTAND that in the wake of another World War nobody in Europe, Russia, USA or the Middle East will protect them because they are scum!

  3. Greece is once again leading Europe in politics. Golden Dawn is doing extremely important work not just for Greece or Europe but the entire world that’s currently suffering under Zionist terrorism or parasitism in one way or another. Eradicating parasitic Zionist terrorism from Greece will just be the beginning, the next step will be its eradication from the rest of Europe. Golden Dawn can lead by example.
    It’s also important to note that all the coward parasitic kikes immediately leave their “home” countries to their corruption capital in IsraHELL at the first sign of gentile resistance yet they act shocked when anyone accuses them of not having loyalty to their nation of residence.

  4. For the sake of clarity here, “neo-nazi” in this report means all nationalist movements with an outright ethnically based foundation and program of action, right? Only in my knowledge of the wider contemporary European landscape Golden Dawn is (yet) the only such party out there, anywhere else it is fragmented, haphazard, non uniform, probably no where near as thoroughgoing and meticulous as GD in Greece. It would appear Marine Le Pen’s French National Front is now bargaining all its chips on a 2 dimensional anti-EU, anti-Islamist approach, in order to make long term gains, and as such has succeeded in roping in a “mainstream nationalist” Euro bloc, which includes Geert Wilders’ Dutch Freedom Party and the Austrian Freedom Party, among other parties from other European countries. All want to have nothing to do with Golden Dawn, that is about as significant as it gets; meaning only a diluted, incomplete nationalist platform is currently acceptable in the eyes of the “Zionist masters” and purely as a “safety mechanism” for stemming an otherwise fast ascendancy in power and influence of Muslim immigrant communities, throughout practically all larger cities of western Europe. Playing one side against the other, and only at the expense of one another, and to the continued benefit of the corrupt powers that be, for whom now I know for a fact want to deepen “austerity” in all EU member states i.e. absolve themselves gradually from all responsibility for public spending. In a sense Greece was one of the few member states which may have even benefited from nosediving into crisis rather than by slow cooking, because it has given Greeks the time and means to properly, fully consolidate a practically flawless nationalist opposition, well done!

  5. After the coming White Revolution, we must never forget that the Jews tried to exterminate us. It must be taught in our schools.

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