11 comments on “From The Murky Bowels Of Brussels: Sexualizing The Children Of Europe

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    The opposition is making it laughably easy for nationalists. Perhaps they cannot help themselves. But now in Europe they are promoting porn for children and decriminalizing pedophilia! My goodness, can they make it any easier for us? The Golden Dawn party will be the party opposed to pedophilia and showing porn to children, and in favor of mom, apple pie and the traditional family!
    Vote for Golden Dawn, or the government will make it legal to rape your children.

  2. Porn for children and paedophilia to be made legal?? God, is there no end to what these zionist animals will do in there quest to destroy the people of europe. Do the “chosen people” think they can carry on with this evil for much longer!!! They may controle the media, money supply etc, but we and our white brothers and sisters around the world are rapidly waking up!!!

  3. “This agenda was on display in all its nakedness last Christmas, with a Swedish toy manufacturer putting out a catalogue featuring girls shooting guns at imaginary enemies and the boys playing with dolls. This was actually required by Swedish bureaucrats and watch-dogs who regulate ads”
    Incorrect. It was not required. And there were no “boys playing with dolls”, there was one (1) picture of a boy in a Spider-Man outfit holding his hands on a trolley which was displayed on the same page. That is a picture in ONE magazine from one toy maker in Sweden. It was picked up and used by certain Scandinavian haters in southern Europe, those who are desperate to demonize all of northern Europe now, because they have borrowed money from German banks for decades to pay for their socialist policies and can’t pay it back. (Always has to be someone else’s fault.)

    • Why don’t you tell us more interesting theories? This is all just a conspiracy by southern europeans to make scandanavia look bad? Wow, tell us more!

    • http://ww2.onenewsnow.com/culture/2012/12/07/sweden-forces-girls-n%E2%80%99-guns-boys-n%E2%80%99-dolls-ads#.U2_HAnrD8uo

      Another source article…. with comparison photographs. The author of this is a man named Michael Haverluck. I suppose he may be some kind of secret Greek whos real name is “Mixalis Haverloukas” conspiring to make Scandinavians look bad right?

      Or maybe the Greek economic crisis affected him so much in his home in the bible belt of middle America that he felt compelled to write this?

    • We are mad or jealous of Sweden? Your country is also in debt, 1/4 of your Swedish women will be raped by an African or Asian, and by 2050 Swedes will be a small minority in their own country.

      What is there to be jealous of? I feel sorry for you. And I hope you can get over your little complexes or the Jewish media’s narrative about the economic global crisis to save your own country before its too late. You’re country is going to topple economically next, and morally you are already in the gutter.

    • Tenet, the only haters of Scandinavian people are Scandinavians, those are the ones who take orders from the “chosen people,” the ones who controle what you read and what you see …Which bracket you fit into i am not sure, (1) one off the walking dead (2) marxist liberal progressive (3) an out and out traitor…! forgot, you could be one of those idiots they call Trolls…???

      • We should’nt allow these media manipulations to create hate between european nations (again), we’ve had enough of that. Scandinavia has different culture than southern Europe, and there’s a lot of marxist programming going on.

        The “swedish” toy company was Toys R’ Us and they’re american, with a swedish franchise. They’re owned by various US equity firms etc.

  4. Disgusting and vile! And The Netherlands is to have it’s own paedophile party in parliament!

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