8 comments on “Can A Bearded Transvestite Save Samaras? New Democracy Newspaper Speculates

  1. It’s nothing but a political event nowadays (if it ever was anything else) .. Politics, softporn and LBQT-rights.

  2. This thing… unidentified thing, known as Conchita whatever, is Not just presenting how “fashionable, progressive, a recip for success in the filthy sick Jewish western showbiz and open-minded” it is to be an obvious Loud transsexual, but it is also promoting to Europe that “neutral gender” or else known as the “androgyne” new sex, that creature that combines both male and female characteristics and features, creating that type of…unidentified homo sapiens you see on the photo.
    This new clearly mentally and psycho-sexually sick twisted to hell and disturbing new trend of the so called ” neutral gender” is another somewhat new abnormality and perversion of the sexual identity and behavior the Jews came up with to introduce and promote to the ” highly progressive and open-minded liberal” EU bordelo.
    Rumors have it that the German government is considering under Merkel to change the usual old and ” close-minded/old school” procedure of listing the new borns of German parents into male or female, and add a whole new field to the section of gender of the new born”s identity where the German parents can mark their baby as….neutral.

    We have a lot more to witness, EU has already started showing its real Judaic pervert sick disgusting means and “nature” with so much arrogance and such a speed, not even a thousand miracles can save its rotten Satanic foundations when it’s time for the real Patriots and fast growing Nationalists all across Europe to take over

  3. “MK”,the absolute truth my friend, absolutely sickening…See what the “chosen ones” have done to Germany, that country now has the largest brothel in the world….!

  4. “MK”,Patriot, the absolute truth my friend, absolutely sickening…See what the “chosen ones” have done to Germany, that country now has the largest brothel in the world….! By the way, about that dangerous traitorous creep Samaras, is that the disguise he is going to use when he makes a quick getaway….?!!!

  5. Good god what is that thing! They have made quite an example of Germany and Europe once again after barely recovering from ww2. Poor Europe. Just like they always have imaginary villains (nazis, terrorists, etc), they will come up with some poor excuse for a hero… And this is it?! Hah. They have always creeped me out but I MUST accept them?! I suppose arachnophobics MUST accept spiders too before they offend someone… Gets worse by the day folks, hang in there…

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