18 comments on “Golden Dawn in Moscow: We set the foundations of Greek-Russian cooperation

  1. Excellent news, Professor Dugin is a sharp philosopher and it’s great to hear Russia taking interest in the Golden Dawn.

  2. Unbelievably powerful slap in the face to the Deicides and their Liberal stepinfetchits!

    Axios. Many Years.


    Solid White UK in the West – Strong White Russia in the East – the firm foundation upon which we build.

    PAULUK: Aryannationalist.com

  4. You did a very big mistake. Putin’s Russia is also imperialist and also wants to enslave Greece. It is the same as West.
    I am not against some economic and cultural cooperation with Russia, but there are some issues, which can’t be unseen. There is a war between Russia and Ukraine. Russia supports separatists in eastern Ukraine, which are making violence and unstability. I fully understand today position of Ukrainian nationalists, which are now in alliance with Ukrainian government.
    Also I fully understand position of Greek nationalists, which are ally of Russia, because West wants to destroy Greece.
    All nationalists of the world must unite and be against Western, Eastern or any other imperialism. I hope that Right Sector, if will win a war against Russian imperialism, won’t return its weapons to Ukrainian pro-western government and will fight against Western imperialism. I think that you, Golden Dawn, can after uprising against Ukrainian pro-western government make ally with Right Sector.
    Czechoslovakia was a slave of Germany from 1938 to 1945 and slave of Russia (Soviet Union) from 1945 to 1989. We were slaves of communism and totalitarian regime. Now we have a „democracy“, which is fully under control of West. But West didn’t try to destroy Czech Republic, after division of Czechoslovakia.
    I want only say, that we have very bad experience with Russia… Germany has transformed and we and Germany are now friends, but Russia didn’t transformed… Stalinism is still legal in Russia, Nazism is not legal in Germany.
    I say again, that we must also fight against Russian imperialism, not only Western. Meeting of Right Sector and some Jewish leader of Ukraine is not bad. I am against Jews and members of any other nation, which are imperialists. What the normal Jews made against you?

      • Jews, which are not imperialists. Sorry for bad definition.
        I fully understand, that you have suspicion on Jews, because some Jews in U.S. and Greece want destroy Greece, that’s true.
        Also I think that Jews have right to have their own state (Israel), but I also agree, that expulsion of Palestinians is a very big tragedy.

      • You seem to be pretty ignorant of Jews and their history. “Imperialism” is not the main reason Greeks have had conflicts with Jews. Right Sector is a paramilitary group that has direct contact with Jews and is supported directly by the US Department of State.

      • For conclusion, I fully support your revolution in Greece and I want similar revolution in all Europe.

    • Todays Russia is not the Soviet Union (which was lead by jew majority).
      You know who financed the bolshevik revolution (Schiff&co)? Where some bolsheviks were trained (NY)?
      youtube: “In the Shadow of Hermes” by Jüri Lina

    • Why not ? Best to have relations in each direction.

      “Since the end of World War II, there have been 248 armed conflicts in 153 locations around the world. The United States launched 201 overseas military operations between the end of World War II and 2001, and since then, others, including Afghanistan and Iraq” (Am. Journal of Public Health)

  5. The more I hear about you guys the more I like your party. I fully support what you guys are doing and I laugh at what the left wing scum says about your honorable party. You guys will rule Greece in the near future. Do you guys accept PayPal.

  6. Heil ! Golden Dawn. Europe and in particular the German and Dutch politicians(not the German people) have stabbed the peoples of Europe in the back by doing business with Rothchilds Zionists.Consequently these vermin bring into Europe boatloads of human trash hence destroying the racial character of Europeans forever.

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