• Bill, unfortunately this is going to happening in near future elections, in so called democratic Greece!

  1. They should destroy and tear down all the stuff in those pooling stations and prevent the voting.
    If was there to vote and i didn’t saw the option of GD there, i would break the ballot boxes and rip all the ballots.

  2. “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
    – Joseph Stalin. If Nationalists aren’t given the option to take control by the ballot box than the only option left is by force. Screw the corrupt system, if they don’t want to step aside peacefully than they should be expecting to be forcefully removed.

  3. My thoughts are with the people of Golden Dawn today hold strong and fight for your family’s past and future.

  4. For me it is all fingers crossed. A massive vote for Golden Dawn, nothing else will do. Patriots from my country the UK and all over the world will not be satisfied with anything less. Myself and family send our love and respect to you special people,,,our time is coming…..!

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