5 comments on “Reports of Leftist Banners Illegally placed inside polling station in Cholargos NO ARRESTS MADE.

  1. THe Greece people can now see through the corruption these days will see the final death throes of a corrupt political system………. all hail GD

  2. GOLDEN DAWN has been leading the way being non-violent and using the law to keep a rational grip on things, even having been provoked by having two of their members killed/murdered and others imprisoned, they did not resort to violence, this is to their credit and this will be reflected in the ballot boxes throughout Greece.
    Greece will not give up to the Jews and the hordes of illegal immigrants entering their country. The Golden Dawn will not let this continue as the people are coming to their side. That’s why the filthy Jews have arrested their leaders for a stabbing done by a person that supports the Golden Dawn. That’s like arresting the president because a democrat killed someone.
    GOLDEN DAWN is the predominant light showing the rest of Europe the way forward in the fight to return a country’s sovereignty to the people and no longer be controlled by the vile EU, which fundamentally undermines the principle of parliamentary sovereignty.
    However this is a timely reminder that there are some fractions/extremists that will not lie down and roll over for the Jews. The Jews wish for us to be blind, foolish cattle enslaved to lust, Jews plot to keep us lost, blind, and spiritually dead. The Jew Banks and Germany have caused the situation in Greece using the EU as a tool for their own gains with the help of the Greece Jew/Zionist corrupt controlled government. The Greece Popular Fighters an anarchist group will start Deathmatch for IV.Reich….let’s start it they say? And who can really blame them, and they have time on their side!
    The Jews are getting overconfident and think that they can buy up the whole world because their corrupt dominance in the financial world. And sure enough that’s what they are exactly doing right now. They will do it until one day when they will go too far and even the stupid morons (90 % of the population) will realize what is going on. And that will be the day when the WW2 Holocaust will look like a refreshing tea-party. Maybe the fucking Jews shouldn’t buy up our countries to take away our homes, our land, and our wealth, embeggaring us in the process. And then we wouldn’t become anti-Semites as a natural reaction. Israel and all its Jewish settlers UNDERSTAND that in the wake of another World War nobody in Europe, Russia, USA or the Middle East will protect them.

    If the world wanted to see racism and hate embodied, all we would have to look at is Judaism, based at least on sacred Jewish texts such as the Talmud and Torah, with holidays such as Purim and Hannukkah, that celebrate genocide of other races as a holy event, we can see this sick hypocrisy on display. Israel and Jewry show their real nature here, it is one of extreme supremacism and hatred for other people. It is a kind of genocidal racism that has no precedent in any other religion or ideology on earth.

    • Excellent points, if only an essay like yours could be placed in school text books here in Greece. A big thank you Paul !

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