5 comments on “Will They Remove The Word Race From The Greek Legislation?

  1. Lets not concern ourselves with the word Race,,,,,everyone on this planet knows what a Frenchman looks like,,,,and everybody know s what a REAL Hellenic man looks like…….so F*#% what these disgraceful goverment say……..No matter what laws they pass, ,,,all will know the truth ….for crying out loud paintings, statues ,books,art,songs will forever embody the faces of europe for eternity….

  2. It all boils down to the people. We already know the schools and universities are a failure. All they do is brainwash, destroy and suppress any creativity or ambition every human is born with. It’s up to us to learn, remember and pass down history and knowledge to our children! We must also try to keep our ethnicity and culture! Stay strong! Stay united!

  3. These Marxists are out of touch with new discoveries flowing out of the human genome during the past decade. The human mind is not an empty slate that can be moulded to any culture. Social behaviour is as heritable as physical attributes. If you destroy a people you destroy the product of an evolution process of 1000s years.

    What ought to be banned is not the concept of Race which is merely an expression of the diversity of human evolution but Marxism.


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