4 comments on “Racism Against Greeks: 10 Year Old Girl Raped By Pakistani on Kos!

  1. They will NEVER speak of so called “racism” against Greeks or other Whites and Europeans, and it’s clear why they do it. Becuase the R-word is only a HATE word against White children, it’s always used to try and justify massive immigration and forced integration until White nations are browned out of existence, it’s simply GENOCIDE!

    “Racist” is a hateword for White children.

    “Diversity” is White geNOcide.

    “Antiracist” is a codeword for Antiwhite.

  2. No wonder the Xenophile left-tards support paedophilia and child abuse all along. They always stand up for the rights of child abusers and criminals, no wonder they have no feelings for the victims that suffered crime. The libtards belong in a concentration camp North Korean style or sent to a 3rd world dump like Africa so they can preach out the anti-White crap much as they want and help out sub human savage hoards in the 3rd world!

  3. This is all a result of allowing jews to live in Europe . They should be killed to the last one, along with their shit-skin tools .

    Hail Golden Dawn !

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