10 comments on “VIDEO: Artemis Mattheopoulos comments on Golden Dawn Victory (English Subtitles)

  1. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:

    The West is not dying. As Chechar notes on his blog, The West’s Darkest Hour, the West and all it stood for died when the Germans were defeated (bullied) in WWII.

    It is always darkest before dawn….

    The West is being reborn!

  2. Job well done. Impressive result in the Athens mayoral race. Likewise, great news on the election of two EU MEP’s. While Samaras attempts to eradicate the voice of the working class, Chrysí Avgí strives to give them a voice.

  3. Congratulations, the ancestors smile upon you. I can only imagine what the result would be in a fair election! Keep up the good work, you are true Hellenics!

  4. The MEPS that will go to the EU should tag team with the NDP member. Jobbik is turanist and goes against Hellenes so theres no point in teaming with them unless they drop this stupid belief. Le Pen .. I dont trust and we all know whats going on between GD and Le Pen. I say go with the NDP

  5. well done in all the EU! Nationalists take over after the jewish controlled westener liberals from WallStreet and jewish controlled easterner communo-socialists of the Gulagsystem the want for us in the EUSSR. National Socialists from All Europe will crash them and get an European order for European without all non- european foreigners. They have now to leave immediatly. We will destroy all the mosks profaning Jesus Christ.
    Well done greek comrades!

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