7 comments on “GOLDEN DAWN AMERICA PODCAST Episode 16: European Counter-Attack

  1. At the end you make a mistake speaking about Marine Le Pen and FN, it is totally wrong, FN and FN are opposed to LGBT (gays, and so on) but in fact have good relations with LMPT (the anti-gay-wedding mouvement).

  2. Nobody said anything about Le Pen and LGBT. It was about Wilders, who is known to recruit faggots.

  3. Wilders and Le Pen are useless. Her father was much better though. Wilders opposes Islamic immigration because he thinks it threatens homosexuality and feminism. Wilders is even a fanatical Zionist. He’s a deviant and so is Le Pen. Does anyone know of any decent nationalist parties in Netherlands or France now?

    • “…so is Le Pen.”

      Don’t be a defeatist.. At least they had a pro-family march with hundreds of thousands of people.

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