13 comments on “They Defiled Hagia Sophia! Thousands of Muslims Prayed, Taking the First Step in Converting it into a Mosque!

  1. Seeing this glorious monument to Christianity being defiled just makes me sick. As a child, i always wanted to see Constantinople with my own eyes. But as I learned more and more of the current state of the city, I simply lost the desire. Of course the atrocities committed against our Hellenic brethren by these savages should never be forgotten but neither should the defilement of out culture be lost either. That they claim this is a symbol for western Islam is nothing short of sacrilege of this Holy monument to our faith.

  2. If they touch Agia Sofia, I say we convert every single Mosque in Thrace into a Church and while we’re doing this, let the Muslims there watch us as they’re being deported back to Turkey, just as they deported Greeks during the Population Exchange.

  3. According to their “book”, wherever they pray it´s then turned into a muslim site “forever”. Don´t underestimate the symbolic side of this act. They´ve made an statement with that.

  4. Agreed turn every mosque into a church..sick and tired of bowing to those parasite even in our country (Greece) ….and they rape Greek waters daily and yet this current weak sell out government does nothing. ..making Greece look weak and scared….Greece can make a bold statement to Turkey regardless of the crisis
    …but ND are just yes man party…That’s why Greece needs GD to stop this shit and put some pride back into Greece. ..greetings from Australia. .


      The bold statement which Greece can voice to Turkey regardless of the crisis lies in collaboration.

      I believe in the near future, we’ll be seeing a trend of alliances forming to collectively deal with the matter of Turkey’s crimes against humanity, during which countries that have been suppressed under Ottoman tyranny … will cooperate in joint action, each in their own self-interest, joining forces together for a common cause.

      European Countries who have suffered slavery under Ottoman tyranny:

      Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania, Moldova, Serbian Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Georgia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Italy.

    • Great upload thanks for posting it….Greece and Russia have one undeniable thing in common. ..religion. ..and Putin …a great man….But know that Turkey isn’t playing ball with the US…the US want to sweeten things with Greece by offering free F15′s and abrams tanks …they are worried because if GD get in and the hydrocarbon rights are given to Russia then Russia will have the monopoly in europe via Greece through GD…and the Euro and US are worried of this…because it could actually happen. ..and this would make a small but powerful Greece

  5. This is a Museum in Turkey. Turkey is not like the website (most of the world is not like this website). Islam is common there. There is no big deal about a group of Muslims praying outside. The Pope holds outdoor masses and Protestants pray in football stadiums. So why are you angry about a group of Muslims praying outside? What’s fanatical about that? I think just maybe the fanatics are the ones who have the time to waste when they use this site to spread hate.

    • When was the last time the Pope held an outdoor mass outside a mosque that was taken over by hordes of catholic invaders in the middle east who turned it into a church for several centuries, then demanded it be turned back into a church when it became a museum?

      When did that happen?

    • Dont you worry mr turk aka sick man of asia, ,,,soon The Hellenic people will have Our Holy land back……1921 we came inches from victory,,,,When the Hellenic army returns we will take back our beloved Church and avenge the atrocities our the past by giving you animals a taste of your own medicine….
      Long Live Hellas and Golden Dawn
      One Hellas = One People =One Leader =Hail Victory!!!

    • Report: Turkey Financing Top Global Terror Groups

      By Adam Kredo:

      Turkey has become a principal financial hub for terrorists under the leadership of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose government has helped Iran skirt sanctions, supported jihadi groups in Syria, and provided financial backing to Hamas, according to a new report by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD).



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