9 comments on “Greek Government Seeking To Privatize State Owned Water Company For Israel

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    The treasonous Greek government wants to privatize Greek water into the hands of the Israeli government owned water company! How insane is that? The Israelis have a history of using water as a weapon against the Palestinians.

  2. The Greek government is asking to be overthrown at this point. Its not even jokeable anymore

  3. Like I said before ND is a yes man sell out party…Are they for Greeks??? How much profits do they want before they sell their souls to the zionist….They want to bring in Samaras’s buddies to own and distribute Greece’s water to Greeks….Are they serious!!! ..Better for Golden Dawn as it proves to the Greek people they are the future

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    This is monstrous. A Government must be obliged to ensuring a safe water supply for the population; this act, of giving away control of the water supply completely invalidate the legitimacy of the alleged “Greek Government”. Resist by all necessary means.

  5. Resist privatisation.We are now paying 5 times it costs to produce water since it was privatised in our part of the world.It makes it alot harder to provide for your families on a fixed income and it hampers saving for your families future.

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