1. Thanks for translating that vid, what are the chances that things go sour and golden dawn is force to take a armed revolution? sometimes i think this might be the only way to win power in greece.

    • If only it was that easy. These days people will still latch on either escaping difficulty (to an overseas country where things “must” be “easier”), borrowing or otherwise spending days on end looking for any amount of money they can get a hold of, or most of all and most upsettingly – they will vote for and heap (futile) hope on Soros tools like Syriza, purely because they are not “nazi” and won’t be shunned for it. It is as simple as that, I’ve encountered at least 5 Greek people online, nearly all from Greece, who bring up the one and the same empty headed “nazi” accusation. Proof enough you can turn a lot of people into plastacine before convincing them of the genuineness and wholesale common sense of the nationalist movement. Indeed, the quicker the majority of people ANYWHERE hit rock bottom financially, the better it can only get. Agree?

      • *Clarification: I actually meant financial meltdown EVERYWHERE, rather than just anywhere. That way there’ll be no escaping, people will need to fight or be killed, simple as that. No more drugs, no more alcohol, no more porn or any place on the planet to escape to. As long as people’s minds are fixed only on cake, they won’t want to eat bread, which is what they actually really need! This is the kind of mentality people have been developing by and large, over decades. As far as the Greek nationalists here are concerned, they just need to continue to do the good work they are already doing, leading by example. May they receive the greatest fulfillment of the grace of God on their souls and bodies for that!

    • @ bob
      An insurrection is not the way to go about it. That type of action would alienate many Hellenics. No, the best way to beat the New Democracy puppets and the EU criminals is to beat them at their own game. An armed uprising often is not seen as legitimate, even if the cause is just.
      It may seem challenging but think of it this way: If we can continue to gain the confidence of Hellenic voters and win a strong and decisive victory, the world would no longer be able to distort our image and make us appear illegitimate. With a mandate by the people, we will have a true government that no one could truthfully object to (in terms of legal reasons). On top of that, by successfully turning the tables and beating ND at their own corrupt game, we would win a resounding moral victory.
      In a sense, this type of thing has already happened. Golden Dawn managed to win roughly 10% of the vote, a significant increase, DESPITE the illegal actions of Samaras’s regime. Because of that, the lies and deceit are being shown for what they really are and more people are starting to see the noble cause that Golden Dawn is.

  2. GD always moving forward to the truth, liberty, freedom for the Greek people, congratulations on a great and truthful speech. The endeavours of GD will not go unrewarded you have shown to the World the political scum in power for what they are, and the treason they have committed against their own people…….The Gods of Greece may they place all there blessings upon Golden Dawn and your success in the future . HAIL GD!

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