17 comments on “Mother of Myrto speaks out: “My daughter is not speaking or moving, she only can scream out in pain…”

  1. “AHEPA, Hellenic American Leadership Council, Hellenic Initiative”
    The very fact that these organizations dare to consider themselves “Hellenic” is outrageous. They are a disgrace. I am a Greek american and i can tell you what AHEPA in particular is: a circle jerk of old men far removed from the harsh realities that people of the homeland are facing.
    As for Mytro, I will pray for her.

  2. “Repatriation” cannot come quick enough! How much more suffering must be endured by nationals of European countries before we send all these animals back to their own hell-holes?! Enough! HAIL EUROPA!! HAIL GOLDEN DAWN!!

  3. Damn,what a story!
    If somebody told me 20 years ago that Greece would be flooded with all these immigrants, I would say,no way!!
    Look at Greece today,its destroyed from with in!
    I am telling my Serbs that this will happen to Serbia too if we join the EU,they tell me I am crazy!
    If we don’t learn from our brothers in Greece we are doomed!
    Hail GD,free your country brothers ,Serbs are on your side!!

  4. I am a pretty hard hearted type of person but, without shame, that interview brought tears to my eyes. A beautiful mother,utterly devastated but showing unbelievable strength over what happened to her beautiful daughter. I cannot wait for that day when the Greek people get more than angry and ARRESTS are made. I am a British patriot and what the zionist have done to your country have done to mine…!

  5. That paki should be beat to death!
    just knowning that dirt touched one of our own makes me extremely upset!
    i dont know why, when this paki dirt was caught he wasnt lynched on the spot:.Extreme actions need extreme measures!
    heil victory Heil Golden Dawn

  6. What a very sad story. I first heard of it when they brought that Islamic scum to Athens from Paros and Golden Dawn was there to greet him..(they nearly ripped the doors off the van)…It’s a sad follow up my heart and prayers go out to the family. .Us nationalist have to stick together throughout Europe and get rid of this islamic cancer..and a untied people is power…Lead the way Golden Dawn

  7. I wish I had five minutes in a locked room with that paki p.o.s! People, we need to forget about the media. Spread knowledge by talking to one another. Wake the others up! Even the elites will regret what they did to this world. Even they will be overrun by the swarm they created…

  8. I read all these comments with interest because they are so spot on. D’you all know that when the Paki came to court to be tried, a dozen or so Syrizaioi members gathered outside the courthouse to shout support to the assailant rapist !! How SICK is that! I doubt that happens in any other country in the world not even in Africa or Saudi Arabia where he would probably have his manhood cut off!! (pardon my language!) In the meantime, the unfortunate young lass lies in a coma. She’s the same age as my eldest son and I am extremely angry that Greek courts are so lame wristed and lenient in cases like this and the criminal Greek government doesn’t lift a finger to help. Shame on them! If this happened to their sons or daughters there would an outcry ! Sick sick sick !!

    • Word Helen. How well you described it..i was thinking of the exact same!
      What if it happened to their own daughters or even sons? What if?! Filthy disgusting bastards Greek lamoyia!! Politicians..and other -air for a brain- leftist overall Greeks. Only caring for their own ass, the wealth of their own family and the fat money and “safety” the American Zionists have bought their souls and human dignity with..
      I sometimes wonder for these Greeks..would they allow all this pain, suffering and danger of extinction they put us through affect their own daughters and family members too, if the Jews wanted them to ?

      Hateful Traitors should never be treated with any

      • I agree with you Mk. The situ in Greece is getting worse by the day. It’s very depressing, and even more and more illegal immigrants are flooding in Greece. Where are they going to put up all these people? I bet that more than half of them are staying put. Syriza have come up with delightful ‘allilegisi’ benefits and aid for them. But not for Greeks. It’s sick. Sometimes I feel ashamed to be Greek. How have the Neo Greeks become like this? Unbelievable !

    • Hateful traitors should never be shown any kind or form of mercy! If there is hell, which i personally believe there is, they will be the first to go there. They’ll burn in hell

  9. A very sad story; one that is repeated continuously throughout North America and Europe.

    When people ask me what the root of the problem is I tell them I can sum it up with one word Jews.


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