5 comments on “Nikos Kouzilos of Golden Dawn Piraeus Illegally Detained Yesterday

  1. What do they intend with this? Do they believe we will ever give up? Are they going to eventually attempt to arrest the 10% (and growing) amount of Hellenics that are standing up for their race?
    They can try and I know they will. They don’t seem to understand that in the end though, they are only further exposing their own evil. They don’t understand that with every illegal act they are further digging their own grave. And they don’t understand that in the end, they cannot escape the prices of their sins.
    For Golden Dawn, every “loss” is a victory. And the final victory is inevitable.
    I look forward to the day that the members of this corrupt regime stand trial to answer for the crimes they committed against their own people.

  2. Some additional info: another Golden Dawn MP, Michalis Arvanitis, has been released but he has been forbidden to publicly speak.

    Keep on digging your own grave New Democracy…

  3. I was flabbergasted when I heard that Nick Kouzilos was also sentenced to imprisonment. I had the opportunity to briefly talk to him and shake his hand wishing good luck a few weeks ago in Piraeus when he was on a pre election campaign. I also mentioned that my husband was his teacher in Maritime Studies College For 1st Mates and Chief Engineers, when he was taking his captain’s certificate some years back, which is true! what a coincidence!

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