46 comments on “Golden Dawn New York Division Embarrasses Orphans of Marx

  1. No matter who our enemies are! The truth is they are the liars and traitors of Greece and our Greek race! Our power was is and will always be The Truth! Our various enemies scams and lies can’t hold any water and crumble once the truth is shined onto them! Well done brothers! Keep your heads high as you fight the Just fight for God and Country!

  2. Excellent, as usual. Forward comrades! For Greece and Europa!
    Thailand shows to the rest of the world and to us the way to go, just now!

  3. Had to laugh, terrific!…. Zionist daddies little offspring propagandist “film maker” will not be happy with that….

  4. Excellent reply…….The modus operandi of these dishonest people, is always to play the victim, the persecuted ……. hmmmmm I wonder where would they learn such a useful social engineering method??

  5. Great video guys!
    As for Richard Ledes and his fake threats, I imagine this is similar to those Jews who spray paint swastikas on Synagouges. Just typical sociopathic behavior to draw more attention to his cause.
    XA NY have nothing to gain from these supposed threats, especially after the recent article & video which shows they can rebut in far more creative & intelligent ways.
    Back to the drawing board, Richard.

  6. Wow, the least he could have done is own up to the criticism. But no. This coward, upon realizing that people were posting the truth about his little “documentary”, decided to cut off the evidence against him entirely. It seems he is taking a page from Samaras’s version of democracy: when the truth comes out, try and silence them.

    But of course, we must all be speaking nonsense here. Objectively criticizing a BS piece of propaganda clearly means you are a Nazi. Because that is how arguing works, amiright?

    • “nazikiller on June 26, 2014 at 10:13 am said:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

      about that moderation you guys are complaining about………….. why not just let the comments get posted WITHOUT moderation. youtube doesn’t allow one to edit/moderate comments like you do. more hypocrisy

      try and silence them like the Junta you support?

  7. The down fall of the jew scum neocons movement in america is a breath of fresh air in america i hope more Americans can see thru the zionist jew rats ways

  8. Why not invite Richard Ledes and the rest of the cast from the documentary, to a dialogue (open or moderated) on GOLDEN DAWN RADIO?

    Everyone who agrees with this idea respond with a “yes”

  9. why don’t we analyze some things. you put your videos on youtube a company founded by Steve Chen (taiwan), Chad Hurley (Jew who visit Israel for education purposes), Jawed Karim (certainly not Aryan), that was bought by google, another company founded by Jews, which you no doubt use. You give your uses the ability to share via facebook and twitter, 2 companies founded by not surprisingly Jews. from the looks of it wordpress was too. You use “zionist” banking institutions since you live in NYC and most likely Time Warner or Cox for your internet a “zionist” media company. apparently you don’t practice what you preach. and most importantly you are NOT Greek (or even human for that matter)

    ps. why are all your pics of your members with their backs turned to the camera and/or wearing hoodies and sunglasses ?

    • P.S. Let me get this straight, a guy hiding his own name calling himself “Nazi Killer” , who is convinced we are “Nazis” wants us to post our pictures on the Internet? Wow, you certainly have some pair of balls don’t you?

      • you are
        i’m not telling you, I’m just asking why especially since you go out of your way to show that you do go out in public (with hoodies and sun glasses of course)?
        i don’t see you using your real name….

      • Well since we have the government supported, anarchists and other lunatics openly shooting at us in the street, blowing up our cars, threatening our families etc, why should we help our enemies? The anarcho communist terrorists who run around Greece and other places wear full face masks, the hoods in our videos were only there actually because it was raining, normally we just wear hats and sunglasses as is proven in many other pictures.

        Why do the anarcho-communists wear full face masks? Do you think only they should be allowed to do it?

    • Since you seem like such a worldly and clever anti-fascist mastermind, let’s analyze that, basically you are admitting that jews are controlling most of the big media web and social media sites. That is funny since most anti-fascists claim that is a conspiracy and a lie. If you are a marxist, or communist than by that same logic every marxist group and leftist anti capitalist should not be using any of the internet sites you mentioned. Not because of the race of people behind them, but rather because they are all huge multinational capitalist entities that goes completely against your ideology.

      Now if you tell me “Hey I’m not a leftist or Marxist” then that could only mean you belong to the center right wing “conservatives” and so you are in effect saying that in your ideal world the only people who are ideologically justified in using these internet mediums are big capitalist conservative types like Samaras.

      So which category do you fall under “Nazikiller”?

      • i didn’t claim anything thus the quotes to indicate otherwise. it’s not about who can or cannot use them. YOU’RE the one complaining about the Jews nonstop yet you use products that they created.

        Samaras is a fascist traitor. as for me i’m anti-commie and especially anti-fascist/nazi, so since you’re obsessed with labels, where does that place me?

        the irony being that your hate for financial success and your economic ideology is rather similar to that of the commies.

        “Why do the anarcho-communists wear full face masks? Do you think only they should be allowed to do it?” nope but again it is YOU that goes out of your way to say that you show yourselves in public yet here we are on your website with backs to the camera and in public always wearing hoodies, sunglasses, and concealing yourselves.

        you threaten your enemies as well…

        you’re much more similar to the commies you despise than you realize.

      • Ok so since we know what you are “anti” about, what is it that you actually stand for? Why don’t you enlighten us. What sort of political ideology or party do you support, or are you one of those kafenio people that comes up with their own fantasies that have no practical chance of action in the real world? And who specifically did we threaten?

      • ” And who specifically did we threaten?” you know who you did. don’t play dumb with me.

        and what is your practical chance at success in the real world? spewing hate and having similar economic policies as the marxists you claim to hate? my goal is simple. default, go back to the drachma and go back to a free market system that does not bail out banks, particularly the German ones. This would be devastating short term but would be the only way to proceed on a going forward basis. Improving the economy will also provide resources for Greece to take care of the illegal immigration problem and me to kalo deport every last one. Most importantly renege on the memorandum particularly the austerity measures. Who is Germany, conducting War on Greece like in WW2 only this time financially, with the help of traitors like Samaras (like the security battalions and Rallis), to tell us where to institute this policy and that and where to implement austerity when the bailout is primarily for its banks.

        if you want to get into specifics I am all ears but you really need to ditch this zion/jew/nonwhite based hate and nazi praising mentality if you want ANY chance for success.

      • No who did we threaten? Show a quote on this website in a post we have made where we threatened someone. one more chance. I didn’t ask for your ideas on certain issues, I asked about ideology and political party affiliation you the most closely identify with.

      • ” I didn’t ask for your ideas on certain issues, I asked about ideology and political party affiliation you the most closely identify with. ” none i’m not a label whore like you. i’m an independent and I seemed to have mentioned a free-market based system, which really doesn’t exist anywhere in the world. does that not count as what i identify with?

        “Now who did we threaten?” phone calls and you know EXACTLY what i’m talking about. and yea like positing the home addresses and zillow values (totally irrelevant) of the people above was totally innocent. and last i checked astoria is not that cheap to live in or anywhere in and around the NY metro area.

        “one more chance.” or else what? are you going to ban me and be a hypocrite again by complaining about moderation/closing of youtube comments the proceeding to do the exact same thing (“your comment is awaiting moderation” aside)

      • I see, so your ideas only exist in the kafenio, like I said before. The addresses in phone numbers were already in public domain, either you can prove we threatened someone or you can’t, which is it?

      • are you mad 😦

        “I see, so your ideas only exist in the kafenio, like I said before. The addresses in phone numbers were already in public domain, either you can prove we threatened someone or you can’t, which is it? ” and your ideas don’t. totally wrong – it’s not idealistic to root for a drachma based free market system. and like i said i’m all ears on implementing specific policies. go ahead throw one out for debate

        the phone #s and ALL email addresses are in the public domain? cell phone #s are usually NOT in the public domain unless you want to pay for it from one of those private companies. you just so happened to innocently pull these emails and phone #s, congregate them in one place for your white pride and nazi followers to see, and give the bs public domain excuse for doing so, right? give me a break. 2nd – time will tell re the proof. just wait. there have been threatening phone calls.

        tell us how much your house is worth and what you pay for rent? NY metro is expensive and especially relative to Greece…

  10. Nazikiller should be reminded that Golden Dawn has nothing to do with Nazism, it is a Nationalist Party. Nazism died long ago with Adof Hitler shooting himself. We have to keep repeating this over and over again to get it into some peoples’ silly little heads.
    I agree with xaameriki’s comment and I also think Nazikilla !! He/she is on the wrong website here. Look elsewhere to express your anitfacism ideas mate !

    • sure they don’t. the denial is incredible. XA’s leader, Michaloliakos, and many of their leaders/lawmakers are on record praising hitler several times. Their law makers have heil hitler tatoos. They hate jews, anyone not white, and praise nazi germany. what’s that expression? – if it looks like a nazi, smells like a nazi, feels like a nazi, then it is a nazi. …

      i can comment wherever I please but I hope you get satisfaction in only posting on boards with people that agree with your hateful views. i’m sure that will really open your mind.

      • It seems you don’t want to answer the questions in the last post, certainly you can post here if you can discuss without the constant subject changing tactics your kind uses. Ill give you the opportunity to answer, if you change the subject or avoid one more time you can find somewhere else to post.

      • My mind is already opened up mate! and I’ve lived in a multi-racial country with no problems. I think you need to read up on your history and if you’re really interested in Golden Dawn’s policies log on to their site, read their newspaper or watch them on livestream to get an idea of what they’re about. They’ve never praised Hitler per say, they only see him as an important historical figure and they certainly don’t have him as an icon leader. In fact, they hardly ever mention him, if ever! Golden Dawn knows it’s history properly and praise only the real democratic leaders of Greece, such as Alexander the Great, Grivas, Th. Kolokotroni. Dunno if you’re Greek to understand who they were.
        And even if you’re not, I don’t give a toss mate !!

      • oh wow sorry i don’t respond in 3 seconds per your “still waiting”. seriously get over yourself. and 2nd your comment board is experiencing problems as the little “reply” button does not show up on all your comments so I can’t respond to some of your points directly.

        ” if you change the subject or avoid one more time you can find somewhere else to post.” what’s wrong? you’re against moderation until you’re not?

    • so you’re from the uk? you sure love the word “mate” i know who they are.

      they have praised him. open your eyes. what do you think “HEIL HITLER!” means among other praising.

      your mind is open by frequenting forums that share your view. interesting. and here I am arguing with all of you and not changing the subject like the moderator claims I am.

    • It seems I wont have to because he will likely disappear on his own now, when they cannot change the subject, they tend to disappear after that.

      • what subject am I changing? i’ve replied to all your questions/points

        you certainly have not

        and what is my kind exactly? oh i get it – i despise XA so that MUST mean I’m a marxist commie?? it’s either one or the other, right? enough with the labels

      • “If your not changing the subject than answer the last question, who did we threaten or continue to threaten? ” i answered this – the people in the video. what was the point of posting their address and phone #? totally innocent right?

        “phone calls and you know EXACTLY what i’m talking about. and yea like positing the home addresses and zillow values (totally irrelevant) of the people above was totally innocent. and last i checked astoria is not that cheap to live in or anywhere in and around the NY metro area. “

      • So you have proof that it was us who called or not? In fact the numbers we did post were the Onasis center and the president of AHEPA, who has his number and email on AHEPAS OWN WEBSITE. We encouraged Greeks to give him a call in case his buddy samaras leaves them to starve in the street, and since he is such a patriot we thought he will be more than happy to do that.

        So for the last time, where is your proof?

      • Right you are!! What amazes me with these types and they’re a lot of them about in Greece, is that they are not up for discussion or debate. The marxist propaganda machine has brainwashed them to tow the line they believe any crap that is thrown at them esp. through the media. Although there is extensive visual evidence of Golden Dawn’s social activity, they still refuse to accept it. They are what I call the real facists and deserve only our pity !!

      • “So for the last time, where is your proof?”

        rather defensive are we. this is not the first time your targets have received threatening phone calls and these thug tactics have been going on for years. again the proof will come in due time via your beloved “public domain”

        how much of your personal $ have you donated? how much is your house/rent worth?

        politics and charity should NOT mix (see red cross operating in hostile environments) and ahepa has donated millions of dollars over the years to Greek-/CanadaAmericans and those suffering in Greece due to Samaras et al.

      • OK so what your saying is you can’t prove it and you want to keep bringing up other subjects and questions to avoid proving we threatened anybody.

        So now we will block you from posting here so you stop wasting our time, and you can go to your local Kafenio with your free market theories and all your solutions and tell people how xounta and fascist we are because we blocked you. Have a nice day at the kafenio.

  11. Amen! and good riddance to “Nazikiller” i.e, a petty troublemaker! it was nice NOT knowing him !!!

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