8 comments on “Like a Slap to the Face: Report indicates that Greek Cypriots are Now the Minority, Outweighed by Foreign Settlers!

  1. God help us.. when will something be done about this issue? when will blind whites finally wake up to this problem? i dont get it, WE must rise up. Like in germany long ago we need political soldiers, we live in such special times, our people’s futures are in our hands.. i dont think some people understand this

  2. Now I’m definitely afraid to go to Cyprus for vacation this summer. The situation there is really bad, my relatives living there even confirm how degraded things have become.

    • It is increasing in popularity in Cyprus but maybe not so much as GD because Cyprus has a smaller population or that it may be a newly formed p/party. GD has been a legal pp for about 30 years in Greece. I think Elam will catch up eventually !

  3. In earlier elections ELAM got only 0,0 something but could fortunately get about 2,5% in the EU elections. That´s quite an increase but since it seems that Cyprus has even bigger problems than Greece I hope they can get more than 10 or 20% next election. But with getting more immigrants much faster it might be too late for a parliamentary success or what do you think guys?

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