42 comments on “Doctored Photograph Of Kasidiaris Being Used To Defame Golden Dawn

  1. What about the one of pappas and in the arm band and doing the salute at the German Cemetery? That one looks fake, i hope so because that is offense to any of us who lost family during the War and Occupation.

    • When you turn on the television, and see Prince William saluting the British Union Jack flag, do you also get just as offended?

      This is one of the great examples of horiatiko stupidity, Greeks speaking nothing about the underlying causes of Italian and German occupation. It is sort of a scenario of blaming a hitman for murdering someone close to you while at the same time giving money and respect to the one who ordered the hit in the first place.

      This is exactly what has happened in Greece today, the same people who lie about Golden Dawn are the same people who spread their “democratic” lies about the second world war.

      The Greeks who listen to this crap believe in the following: they believe that Mussolini invaded Greece for no reason other than he was a big malakas and then his buddy Hitler backed him up when he lost and killed Greeks because he was a lunatic who wanted to take over the world and kill anybody who wasn’t a blue eyed blonde. Then the magical friendly British came and helped us and Winston Churchill called us Heroes and now we send our children to England and give them millions of Euros each year to educate them. The end.

      They don’t want to mention that Ioannis Metaxas was trying very hard to maintain Greek neutrality during the war when British naval fleets deliberately started entroaching on Greek waters, provoking Mussolini into invading Greece. Suddenly Metaxas
      mysteriously dies in what appears to be poisoning and immediately after the British move in and cut off all supply routes for the Germans and Italians, consciously starving and killing hundreds of thousands of Greeks to death in the process. Then after which point, the 50s comes and British “allies” left the Greeks to deal with the communists alone, while at the same time those same allies declare Greek Nationalists in Cyprus “Terrorists against the Queen” and fight tooth and nail to keep occupation of our island over a decade after the Germans were long gone.

      Of course when they failed, they decided to help get the turks involved and get the island partitioned and work out a deal where they get to keep British naval areas there.

      And what do we the Greeks do DemitriAZ? Do we boycott sending our children to british universities? Do we get offended when our politicians increase relationships with the British government and the Americans because our families were killed as a result of their role in WWII? No, instead we get offended if Xristos Pappas has a picture with a Nazi Armband don’t we DemitriAZ?

      Then we cry and complain about how Greeks are being taken advantage of in the world today, yet we insist on ignoring using our logic and let our occupiers continue to play on our base emotions. Unfortunately sitting in a kafenio complaining won’t free us.

      • Spot on ! Greek “educators” don’t want to teach proper Greek history in schools and they are trying to mislead them in their ways! You couldn’t make it up! A lot of Greeks in Greece believe this crap cos they want to believe it. Unfortunately a lot of native indigenous Greeks in Greece are stupid enough not to want to read up on their history and get their facts right. They’re sad little people who listen to their “master’s” voice ! Real puppets!

    • Why do we focus on their youth and past and never the current Golden Dawn? Why do we never report Tsipras’s old days as a commie and how SYZIA is most likely a commie party

    • “DemelriAZ” is either a “troll” or one of the walking dead! Even though his country is slowly being dismantled and sold off in front of his eyes to the highest bidder and greek women and children are being killed and prostituted by “invaders” this halfwit can only come out with some garbage placed in his tiny little brain by the “controlled” media….!! “DemelriAZ” if your confused and cannot understand what is being done to your once safe and beautiful country then its best you keep your childish comments to yourself ….!!

    • To add on to what the moderator (xaameriki) said about how we were only unwilling participants in the conflict, it should be noted that the Germans were also uninterested in attacking Hellas. Indeed, Hitler had immense respect for us and found it a shame that he had to intervene. As for the massacre of Greeks that the media tries to cite to discredit the Nazis, what they fail to mention is that these events were triggered by communist partisans that were too cowardly to show themselves, forcing the Germans to take brutal action.

      Of course, today these spineless commies are hailed as glorious resistance fighters even though they were indirectly responsible for the deaths of Greeks during the occupation and directly responsible for the deaths of even more Greeks during the civil war that came almost immediately after.

      The truth DemetriAZ is that praising the “resistance” fighters is in fact the greatest offense you could commit to the memory of our ancestors.

      • And even though both the British and German Nazis played their own role in this war and inside our soil,
        I must admit that we ‘ve been told a million brainwashing hateful lies over who really funded First. . And helped overall the organized resistance army of Greece , how deeply involved the commies were in Greece into all that and how we were fooled by the British to declare an open active war against the Germans.

        Oh how many BIG fat lies and propaganda we were told, it’s outrageous!  

      • there were no (or very little) communist partisans in Crete and there were many non-communist resistance organizations in the mainland. At least you admit that German nazi scum DIRECTLY killed civilians, who died with pride for their friends/family resistance and honor. it wouldn’t be an effective resistance would it now if they showed themselves? The Germans were not “forced” to take any action. They did it voluntarily. Lastly, don’t forget that it was the British who played a large part in causing the civil war and then subsequently re-arming the nazi collaborator traitors in the security battalions, like your ancestors, to help this fight against the communists. your hypocrisy knows no bounds. Ντροπη σου.

  2. This is definite grounds for a libel case. But of course they would just ignore it so that is pointless.

    I remember some years ago when SYRIZA posted a cartoon picture showing Mao shattering a cross with a hammer and yet that never seemed to matter. But lets not pay attention to that! No instead, lets focus on these poorly shopped photos.

  3. They can Photoshop picture… but they cant change the love in the hearts of the people for there country and there people…… They need too photoshop there head out of there ass and stop betraying their country……LONG LIVE GOLDEN DAWN

  4. They put a negative picture on a positive picture thats why is backwards and they can’t size down the picture too the size of the original picture so they bow it in the middle too make it fit there not good at Photoshop pictures it looks like a 7 year old Photoshop that they need too go back too there country and use there skills there instead of make other countries broke

  5. If the picture of Kasidiaris was “Photoshopped”, then are we to assume the ones with Michaloliakos and Pappas were also tampered with?

    Who the hell knows what’s really going on?

    • Not to sound like a dick but who cares? On one side you got anti-white Jews and white traitors and on the side you got Greeks who care about Greeks, take your pick.

  6. Anastais that was really educational.
    I always wondered about the famous “Cretan” resistance and how it literally annoyed and stopped the German nazi plans to south and eastern Europe as they told us soo many times at school in Greece.
    This is what they told us at high school in Greece. That Cretans as well as Sterea Ellada local Greeks bombed the Greek countryside bridges the Nazi troops were planning to walk through and especially Cretan Greeks resisted the Nazis invading Greece in the most effective courageous and brave ways!
    There is even a very good directed movie in Greece called “Natasa ypolochagos” in which the famous Greek actress Aliki Vouyiouklaki is staring, wife of a brave Greek soldier that fights the German Nazis in the Greek countryside and the mission of the allies against the Germans in Egypt and Africa, a movie totally brainwashing and misleading on the real “commie” resistance that no one actually was ever told and knows about.
    This movie is very famous in Greece and its on our tv every 28th of October as a “never forget” reminding for the brave Greek men and women who had the guts to join the resistance and liberate Greeks from the Germans.
    I ‘d like to find sources, articles, videos or even better books who talk about theREAL political ongoings and facts over that time for our homeland and how “all by coincidence” “all of the sudden” the treacherous bloody brutal war of commie E.A.M army of Greece followed riight after the defeat of the German nazism in Europe, as you very successfully mentioned.
    What did really happen then in our land? Who were all these notorious and brave Greek men who participated in the various of smaller and bigger scale in the Greek countryside and Crete?!
    My own grandmother who was born and raised in Thessaloniki and was around 17 at the time told me that the German soldiers gathered the young Greek women and forced them to collect inside baskets peaches and apples from the fields inside factories for the German army while the women were literally dying out of starvation and hunger. She told me they treated young Greek girls in Thessaloniki very brutally. (in Thessaloniki were the largest and most influential Jewish synagogues all over Greece, thus the Germans first invaded Thessaloniki in Greece).
    Growing up now and after hearing all these suspicious.. and very misleading stories many times, I am really interested to dig into it and find information over the weird… should someone notice and say.. involvement of the Greek Metaxas time into the whole political unrest that was truly taking place in Europe between the Bolshevik threat from the East (Russia), the Jewish influential dominance and the national socialist rise of Germany under a charismatic and strategically very effective smart man as Hitler proved to be.
    It is rather controversial and I should say quite of confusing how Greece got involved to the 2nd world war with Metaxas,
    also feelings over the British “help” and what the German Nazis did to surpress the fall of Greeks (who supposedly Only fought for the liberation of our nation) to the allies United resistance are very intense for the Greeks

  7. ΕΛΑΣ και Δημοκρατικός Στρατός: http://youtu.be/0xHjFWR9n

    Nazikiller who the HELL are you to pop out of nowhere and talk about shame on me you ignorant uneducated typical fool choriati??
    You say there were No commies involved to the “antifascist” war as the commies in Greece used to call it when the Germans invaded Greece? Oh really?
    What are your facts about that? Huh?
    Give me your facts! Prove to me that the commies in Greece had absolutely nothing to do with the so called ONLY for the patrida resistance against the Nazis and that this resistance had nothing political to do against national socialism and the cleaning of Europe of the Jewish scum.
    Give me your facts! Prove what you are saying.
    Don’t try to be emotional and talk about shame like a typical overemotional Greek choriatis, but prove to me how commies had nothing to do with the antifascist “democratic” resistance against the German Nazis during the war! Just because you, You say “oh commies had nothing to do with the antinazi resistance in Greece” doesn’t mean that I have you believe you or that you are a serious case of someone to take under consideration what you are saying.

    The 1000% antifascist commies and army had nothing to do with the war against the Nazis, huh?

    • i was replying to anastais but i suppose you are the same person. i can come and go here as I please. who do YOU think you are?

      reading comprehension is not your strong point (not surprising given you are an XA) so here let me help you.

      I said there were no commies (or very little) IN Crete (EMPHASIS ADDED hli8ie), which they weren’t as Crete at the time, and still is do a degree, Venizelist, meaning pro-western, anti-German, anti-commie and anti-fascist on a very basic level. The largest resistance organization in Crete was EOK by a long shot, who considered the Nazis and ONLY the Nazis their only real enemy and not fellow EAM cretans with their political ideaologies, but still made sure that the commies did not take any control after the war. this is why there was virtually no civil war in Crete

  8. Now that all these questions have been posed for you, chances are like all the others here you will evade answering the questions directly or disappear, which will only mean 1 of 2 things, you are either a fool, or a liar. Time will tell which it is.

  9. Vre Panilithie malaka tuchaie ouranokatevate ZOON, first of all I’m not the same person with anastais, secondly I’m a girl and thirdly you stupid stupid moron that has the extreme idiocy to talk about EMPHASIS, as well.
    Does it make sense to you to assume me being the same person with Anastais and come here to reply to my own comment with a different nickname??
    You must have a really high iq, you dumbass.
    WHERE exactly is it that anastais mentioned that many or little -WHATEEEVER- Cretan (Cretan , EMPHASIS ADDED PANILITHIE) fighters were commies? Huh? You stupid moron!

    Did anastais even mention anything about Cretans? And you feel the need to analyze the non-commie relation of Cretans.
    He didn’t even speak a word about Cretans idiot!
    I was the One at the 1rst place who mentioned about the Cretans strongly resisting the Nazis, so it makes sense to assume you replied this crap to me.
    Comprehension is not my strong point, but it is YOURS, huh?
    What a moron!
    And since you show up out of nowhere and talk ntropi sou and other shit to ME I can come and go as I wish talking shit back at you, vlaka

    • i replied to anastais, not you but just to make things crystal clear I AM replying to you now, and then you said “Nazikiller who the HELL are you to pop out of nowhere and talk about shame on me you ignorant”

      wow you are dumb. I’m the one that said “there were no (or very little) communist partisans in Crete ” in reply to anastais who said ” As for the massacre of Greeks that the media tries to cite to discredit the Nazis what they fail to mention is that these events were triggered by communist partisans that were too cowardly to show themselves, forcing the Germans to take brutal action. ” last I checked Cretans ARE Greek and thus the analysis of the Cretan resistance and the other non-commie resistance groups on the mainland like EDES. don’t forget that 2000 Cretan civilians were killed in the first 2 days of the occupation with thousands more in the years to follow.

      again reading comprehension is not your strong point.

      are you mad my little XA nazi traitor 😦

      • First of all I am NOT your little nazi bullshit whatever! You are the commie loving traitor indeed 🙂 and indeed a dumb confused stupid one talking non stop for the Cretans and the Cretans because he’s got no other real facts and proofs to give over the whole rest of the Greek territories, except one mentioned as Edes..just as a name.

        And let’s get now the facts straight.
        Just because some pre-western Venizelist choriates Cretans resisted the German troops defending the Crete”s liberation from the Germans with ABSOLUTELY NO political interests and means in a deep communism-national socialism open declared war in Europe,
        and one another resistance party, name of army..whatever. .called Edes,
        this means there were no commies, Eam members and commie sympathetic morons( like the stupid centric-left Pasokoi Venizelists in Crete) who were working hand to hand with a-political naive choriates Greek patriots who could Not Tell, understand or -better- see through the commie hidden threat behind the so called clear patriotic resistance?

        You are basically saying now that JUST because Cretans symphathized Venizelos and disliked the nazi political agenda of the Germans,
        and just also because another army called Edes got active against the German occupation as well,
        the strong communist “hellenic liberating army” called EAM and the also strong communist lobby in North Greece that was backedup by Communists Bulgarians and Russians as well,
        did not have a strong role among the “resistance fighters” and that they were actually minor and outnumbered from the foolish Pasokoi lovers Cretans?

        Why do think the brutal and filthy commie atheist and unwashed disgusting army of EAM that murdered a dozen of orthodox christian priests and TRUE PATRIOTIC ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS GREEKS,
        is called “Εθνικο απελευθερωτικο μετωπο” (ΕΑΜ)? Where do you think the very word “απελευθερωτικο” (liberating)originates from?
        it refers to liberating Greece from the national socialist / fascist POLITICAL agenda, and not the Germans or Italians or some other race that invades Greece or Russia or Hungary or Bulgaria or some other country just because they want to invade and for no reason.

        Did you bother to watch the video I ve posted on my reply you little smartass commie lover? 🙂
        What does the video say to you, both in Greek and English at the very start? What does it say it happened in Greece in 1944 at the end of the war in our country and before the very start of the communist civil war?

        Even if we accept that the Cretans bravely resisted the nazi Germans out of clearly non political means but only for patriotic reasons (only small percentage of the Greek population next to the whole rest of resisting population in the mainland of Greece IN TOTAL anyway),
        they were Still not the rule of resistance in the whole of Greece and the same common reason of active armed resistance with the “democratic” fighters in the whole rest countryside of Greece.

        Who was the scumbag leftist traitor who took down the nazi flag on the Acropolis in Athens that night and replaced it with the Greek one?
        Was he an innocent in means goodhearted patriotic choriati Venizelist Cretan who replaced the nazi flag with the Greek one out of his pure authentic NON political clear humble honest love for Greece?
        What is his name? Is he a damn leftist Syrizaios TODAY who talks about the rights of the millions of 3rd world invaders baptized as “illegal immigrants seeking asylum” in Greece?
        Is he politically very strongly involved to a party such as Syriza that openly announced when it comes to power finally it will ban all national demonstration days such as the 25th of March and 28th of October and seperate the country from the Greek orthodox church?

        Oh yeah yeah, let me guess. You are gonna talk again about reading comprehension crap , the Cretans and some called Edes, like the TRUE outcome of the nazi defeat and the resistance of the liberating “democrats” fighters mixed with some naive patriotic Greeks who thought this was all about a patriotic Greek against Germans war doesn’t matter in front of the Venizelist Cretans and non commie but commie sympthasizing Greeks.

    • i said there were no (or very little) commies in CRETE. there were in mainland Greece what don’t you understand about that? Because you can’t read and you’re an angry little man, the rest of your post is just a waste of space.

      I am well aware of the commie factor behind EAM/ELAS and how it consisted of 2 million members (~25% of the country), most of whom were NOT hardline commies who treasonously sided with the eastern bloc after the war and tried to annex a part of Greece. don’t forget about the british involvement in causing the civil war either. That doesn’t take away from what happened DURING WW2 just like what Glezos the hero did in WW2.

      your obsession with labels and political parties blinds you. no Cretans are commie sympathizing and you better recognize the role they played throughout history against the arabs, venetians, and especially the turks well into the 20th century. you better get your head straight.

      priests played an active role in WW2 like all the other uprisings in Greece throughout history, and unfortunately some of them were nazi collaborators, traitors like the hardliners of EAM and the security battalions and collaborationist government like Rallis.

      the main resistance group in Crete, EOK was anti-fascist and anti-commie, and was responsible for extinguishing eam/elas in crete after the war and preventing a civil war. google civil war in crete

      your video doesn’t work. it says deleted

      and like the dumb XA follower that you are, you automatically associate hate for fascism/nazism as being FOR marxism/communism. the world doesn’t work in your concocted black and white version like that. as the cretans in WW2 and many other times demonstrated it is possible to be against BOTH.

      • Yes, it is possible to be against both, but in the current political climate of Greece the Marxist left, Conservatives, and Golden Dawn are the only political forces competing for control of Greece now. You and your “open free market” anti commie, anti this, “I’m so clever I’m beyond labels” thinking is not competing. It only exists in the kafenio, with the 3 or 4 other malakes listening to you while they drink frappe, not in the real world. Which is why you are a waste of time and energy.

      • I said I am a girl for Gods sake, what the heck is wrong with you all the time? ! Are you talking to a mirror or something?? Telling me i cant read and that i lack reading comprehension skills. Look at you for Gods sake..I mean Jeez with you!..
        And enough with your freaking Cretans!
        to hell with the Cretans. Who cares about the Cretans and the Cretan war in the 40’s , when we all know what the communist and leftist supposedly democratic take over did in our country ..either with the help, funding and support of the British or the Russians/Bulgarians ,
        it all sums up to the Jewish Zionism from the western AngloAmerican hand, and the Jewish Marxism on the other eastern bloc one that caused all this political chaos and actually BOTH of the two world wars, also the cold war Between U.S. and Russia, the Papadopoulos junta both rise and fall as one nasty result of the U.S. – Russia cold war, the illegal occupation of our heroic Cyprus, the EAM funding and role during the antifascist resistance in the 40’s and basically almost aaall of the social and political as well as national wars, civil wars and unrest in Greece, and THATS WHAT MATTERS !
        Got it?

        Μας τα πρηξες με τους Κρητικους πια!ελεος. How many times will I have to say ok, enough with the Cretans, you might be right on that but still THAT does Not mean the rest of the organized armed resistance against the nazi Germans was not backed up and orchestrated in reality in a large scale from the democratic fighters that riight after the nazi defeat in Europe, in 1944, with the Greek flag on one hand and the communist red one as we know it on the other, took over most of the mainland in Greece, “liberating” Greece from the nazi ideology one after the other.
        Did you read agori mou my last comment?
        Cretans and Cretans and the Cretan antifascist and anticommie patriotic resistance, enough! You must be Cretan, there’s no way..

        I have respect for the Cretans anyhow, I don’t really need analysis or any history lessons over their respected brave strong resistance against multiple various foreign invaders, I know, trust me I Do know how brave they fought and resisted all these ambitious foreigners who were dreaming to enslave them, use Crete’s precious geostrategic position, the ports and add Crete to their map!

        what matters though at last(! !) Is the real reasons of the eruption of the 2nd world war overall, the Political REAL cause-effect and side of the war, how and why Greece was involved to it and the more underworld going hidden at the start and out in the open later Communist role of the resistance in Greece on its whole, starting from Thessaloniki where a quite strong and big number of Jews lived!
        It is not by luck that the communist party of Greece, KKE, was founded by a Jew in Thessaloniki!

        Jews caused both of the disastrous for the Europeans world wars and also Jews have been dominating the whole white world since almost the begin of the 20th century!
        There s no black and white and pink or grey sides in reality and at the bottom line.
        The world is not theoretical, neither ideally devided to a variety of colors as you would prefer it,
        the world is practical and harsh and very specific too, and history with all the details and masks off teaches that either you are with the Jews, or you stand against them.
        There is no other “neutral” way out from this.
        This is why you see me insisting and focusing on the democratic hidden supposedly liberating role funded resistance armed fighters played in Greece, in a time so dramatic, dark and infuentual for the future of the whole of Europe.

        If after all these you still cant seperate the Cretan Patriotic Venizelist resistance from the rest real political war between the commie invasion of the north east, the Zionist Angloamerican role on the other as you mentioned as well (at the civil war following right after) and the nazi political ideology on the other,
        if you still cant comprehend what I’m talking about, then either you are a delusional “democratic” anti nazi romantic neutral fool,
        or you are just a Syriza supporter and a liar. Sorry, this is HOW black and white it is.
        I’m done with you

      • ΕΛΑΣ και Δημοκρατικός Στρατός: http://youtu.be/0xHjFWR9nNw

        The video is there and it works just fine.
        Just because you said you can’t view it,here, try this again or just copy paste the Greek title on youtube, it will show up to your screen.

    • If you really wish to open a fruitful dialogue then think of it in different balanced reasonable way and true perspective.

      “If you desire to mold the opinion of the masses, to rescue them from the immoral doctrine of success, do what has never been done before ……………………..GIVE A CONSCIENCE TO HISTORY. By treating your them in this spirit, you will win less popularity…..you will not fire the passions…or the imagination of the people, but you will render a thousand times better service to their cause, their interests and their reason. …..Teach them by facts, by events, by the hidden meaning of those great historic dramas { of which we perceive only the scenery and the actors, while their plots are contrived by a HIDDEN HAND } to know, to judge, and to moderate themselves. Make them capable of distinguishing those, who serve them from those, who mislead them, those who dazzle from those who …..enlighten them”. ……………Lamartine…Dictator of France…1848. Imponderabilia.
      There are numberless proofs, that the zionist Jews never sought the improvement of any nation, but that their aims were to murder and de-Christianize. Wherever revolutions breaks out, it is managed by zionist Jews ..Ch.Wibley. The League of Nations is a Jewish idea. We created it after a fight of 25 years …..{ Nahum Sokolow, Zionist leader ,Aug.27,1922 The Zionist Congress at Bale }
      This move of the satanic “Serpent”, succeeded, not because Turkey is ruled by Ottomans but because a Jew – Mongol,Mustapha Kemel, is its virtual Dictator. and has cast out the Oecumenical Patriarch from Constantinople….. { Slav.author Gregory Bostunich }. Bibl… You should read all the excellent books of Ms. Nesta Webster.
      Today what is happening in Greece “the country that once gave the REAL DEMOCRACY” under the present political climate is Known to many …

  10. There is a Greek saying I saw in a newspaper recently: “Communism has no history but a criminal record.” It says it all folks !!

  11. @nazikiller: Well first off, you aren’t exactly coming off as impartial with that name you have there. Now I will admit that the fact that communists did stupid things does not excuse the Germans for what they did. Indeed, killing innocents to get to your enemies is questionable even in the best of times. Even so though, that still heavily implicates the cowardice of the Communists. The communists knew the brutal steps the Germans were willing to take and provoked them anyway.

    “Lastly, don’t forget that it was the British who played a large part in causing the civil war and then subsequently re-arming the nazi collaborator traitors in the security battalions, like your ancestors, to help this fight against the communists. your hypocrisy knows no bounds. Ντροπη σου”

    Actually, that was the United States who supported us purely to combat communism. They did that JUST for their own interests (as usual) just like they did elsewhere to fight the USSR. Lets not fool ourselves into thinking that they actually cared about the well being of the Greek people. The numerous conservative “anticommunist” dictators across the globe (some of which are still around in some form) are evidence to this. But nonetheless, their personal greed did save us from overt marxism (though it did nothing to stop the thinly veiled one we are currently fighting).

    But I feel like I am wasting my breath with you. Your senseless raging and your brilliant “ER MAH GURD NAZZISSS” rhetoric is right in line with the overplayed propaganda of the left wing media. And as xaameriki points out, you may think you are being smart by not choosing a side but that foolish decision means nothing. All that means is that you are too stupid/lazy to take a stand for anything where it matters. If Greeks in 1821 were like you, we would all be Turks today.

    And no, Mk and I are 2 different people.

  12. Nazi and Proud!

    Jew nazikiller. Considering the largest land owners in Crete are kikes and Jew KKE have been around a long time, your “no (or very little) commies in CRETE” is an out and out lie.

    Crawl back under your Talmudic rock devil.

    • try again. the largest land owners in Crete are the ancestors of the resistance fighters throughout the years ie anti fascists and anti commies

      • The ancestors of the resistance fighters or the descendants of the resistance fighters?

    • right because the opposite of hating nazis is loving commies. wow you people are dumb and closed minded

      • “You people” I am neither a XA or a nazi. I just dont like assholes like you that kill people for political beliefs. You are the type of people that murdered Pavlos Fyass, and Manolis and Giorgos.

  13. “nazikiller” Wow! What we have here is someone who hasnt yet grown up or is some type of pseudo interlectual, liberal, bum boy….. Who ever you are “nazi killer” ( how corny) normal people should take no notice and you will probably fade away….!

  14. @NaziKiller – Have you heard of Oikophobia?, a condition which you and countless others around the world suffer from, as a result of having been systemically conditioned over the years, to reject your indigenous ethnic cultures.

    “Mind control (also known as brainwashing, coercive persuasion, thought control, or thought reform) is a theoretical indoctrination process which results in “an impairment of autonomy, an inability to think independently, and a disruption of beliefs and affiliations. In this context, brainwashing refers to the involuntary reeducation of basic beliefs and values”[1] The term has been applied to any tactic, psychological or otherwise, which can be seen as subverting an individual’s sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making.” – Wikipedia

  15. Lenin started the zionist jew branch………..
    Trotskyism started the anarchist branch………
    Stalin started the communist branch……….
    thats true list of the 3 headed monster and all three got allot of power…………

    With gods will and gods way golden dawn will slay the three headed beast………..


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