12 comments on “Stamatis Gonidis: They Have Filled the Country with Immigrants! There is no Security, or Democracy!

  1. Nationalism , defined as one people occupying their own unique land under their own government, provides the most stable organizing principle for the world i.e. when the borders of state coincide with the borders of people. History is littered with examples of what happens when that principle is broken, Serbia, Cyprus, Turkey ,Iraq etc. .Multiculturalism means a multi-people state and therefore the opposite of Nationalism and is doomed to failure. I can’t believe that stupid women interviewer saying the issue is not race. It has everything to do with race. Different race means different ancestry and therefore different people. I would have thought that Greeks above everybody else with their history of occupation by a multicultural state called the Ottoman empire would now the folly multiculturalism

    • Oh please! This is the very typical liberal way of thinking!

      The parrot liberal idiotic shallow and Simple to the point of retarded thinking is very very simply this:
      “All these 3rd world “immigrants” (invaders 100% actually) are poor financial immigrants coming to the land of their dreams&opportunity (=Europe) for a better future&quality of life, and they come with No guns,
      therefore they are not invaders, occupies, or hostile foreigners who will take over eventually our countries like the Ottoman Turks did”.

      Now many Greek men and women think exactly the way described above, it’s not just this stupid liberal air-headed political correct journalist who will do her job exactly as she is told to please her bosses.
      Many “democratically” thinking and liberal Greeks today deny to come face to face with the ugly for them truth, that it has nothing to do with the very low level of education and the poor conditions those islamic 3rd world “immigrants” were conditioned to live as they are repeatedly programmed to re-peat ,
      but it simply, veery simply has to do with the Race.

      The word race apart the natural physical human characteristics it is defined of it is also consisted from strong elements such as historical background, ethos, religious status, social status, morals, traditions, customs, language, heritage, social and moral identity, way of interacting, socializing, justice and law standars, and so many other.

      To them, magically, today, the word race means nothing of the above in these modern times!
      If you ask them, they will arrogantly and with a sense of “supreme hippy democratic morality” reply to you that we are all humans and sons-daughters of the same God, we all bleed the same red blood and we are on this planet for the same reason..to live happily, financially safe and we need a strong state providing jobs and a quality of life to secure our happiness and well-being,
      because we are All the same.!

      This is the typical typical democratic liberal way of thinking that in reality does not differ much at all with an anarchist’s or communist’s point of view and preaching over the “equal” human rights of the races,
      and it is Exactly that typical new world order recipe of tolerance among different cultures and races.

      To them it all has to do with education and money, the words “culture, heritage, national history, patriotism, religion anything having to do with the words national and racial” are all bad negative words that are old fashioned, old school, stupid and unessacery that only divide “humanity” and generate sorrow, racism and wars.

      I met some Greeks recently of a young age, about 25 or younger who proudly came up to my face and told me that they don’t care if Greece does not exist as a sovereign nation in the future and that they don’t really feel Greek, but rather citizens of the world, also adding that this is how it has to be because the world is moving forward and not backwards..and we are past from the point of needing religion, nations and racial differences that in reality do nothing but dividing us one from another.
      And they feel so “morally superior”, so much smarter and almost high when they start preaching to you about their hippy stupid unreal delusional crap.

      So just imagine how fuckedup , delusional totally lost and a complete mistake/fail of human samples these typical western liberal creautures actually very sadly are.

      Those are the times I would honestly enjoy it when their whole liberal democratic nwo bullshiit finally collapses having to deal FOR REAL with the Brutal very real traditional reality of living with a thousand million of fella racially different “buddies” raping them, beating them, killing them, stealing them and forcing their own tradiotional religious, cultural and social standards on them,
      i would just love to watch from a corner and have them just 10 or 20 yrs ahead being for real -and not virtually or theoritically- exposed to their 3rd world muslim buddies, living life equally happily together.

      • Greece is a homeland for Greeks. It was not meant to become a thirld world multicultural theme park. How and on what criteria were the iimmigration laws in Greece flouted and trampled. Accession to the EU and abiding religiously to EU decrees. Greece could still had acceded to the EU, but did not have to follow the criminal . suicidal path of multiculturalism and deracination as dictated by the EU. The Greeks better wake up and wake up soon and start throwing out all those invaders and get their country back for the Greeks. Walking down an Athenian street at 11.00 pm, the last thing you would expect-and want–to see is a Pashtun, in whte billowing pantaloons walking in the opposite direction and having a wee against the wall, A Pashtun in Athens, these are the incongruencies in today’s Greece, un Greek scenes in daily life. A bet you would not a see Greek in evzone uniform in a Karachi side street having a wee against a wall. Greece, Athens, Salonca all these places require urgent and prompt prophylaxis against the invasion. What Stamatis should have confronted the puerile, shrivelling journalist is that Democracy is the engine of population replacement in Greece. Population replacement of Greeks through the medium of invasion of afro-asiatic hordes.

  2. The stupid retort some Greeks have, esp from the media is that we Greeks were immigrants too. They forget to mention we were LEGAL immigrants in America, Australia, Germany etc. Most foreign immigrants in Greece have entered the country ILLEGALLY! In the UK and France Greek nationals weren’t seen as “greasy” Greeks cos most were educated and had white collar jobs.
    A funny thought:- When I studied and lived in London and said I am Greek, the Brits used to ask me whereabouts in Cyprus do I come from !!!!!! Lol !!!

    • I have a cousin from Athens who came to study in a London college. London colleges are stuffed with communists and they wont accept you unless you share their world view, and this was back in the 70’s, so by the time she completed her course she became one of those “I’m a citizen of the world” Marxists. It’s funny though how those “world citizens” always choose a western white country to live in rather then places like India. Pakistan, Nigeria, Uganda Algeria etc.

    • Legal/illegal is not relevant in the absence of the people’s consent.

      Consent freely given or consent extracted by the coloniser’s victory at arms are the only bases on which a colonisation can be legitimised. A traitor government is not capable, by its own will, of legitimising it. Any attempt to do so only demonstrates that it stands against the people and with the colonisers. In place of legitimacy, there obtains the native people’s permanent right of resistance.

  3. “Race doesn’t matter.”

    I’m sure that is easy for a pretty lady on a popular TV show to say. When you are separated from multiculturalism by a huge wall of cash, indeed many things become easy to ignore. But we all do not have that luxury. And even if we all did, that doesn’t make the problem go away. It simply hides it for a time.

    Sooner or later, either she or one of her family members is going to suffer at the hands of one the illegal immigrants she strives so hard to protect. When that happens, we will see what she thinks of this multiracial abomination that has been forced upon the patrida.

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