7 comments on “Where Were “Europe’s” Figureheads In The 80’s?

  1. Barroso is a bizarre and funny character. He used to be some crazy Maoist, before for some reason becoming a mainstream Liberal and later even a Conservative for the Democratic People’s Party or later the Social Democratic Party. He changed parties and ideologies often. Although since 1976 or 1980, he always claimed to be a Conservative. Funny guy, it takes some guts and a craxy mind to switch for Maoist to Conservative.

    • All it takes is a lie, actually. You thinkhe changed just because he used a different label for himself?

  2. The controlled media gots a sick twisted mind they praise child rapist and there left hand communist world they put there own blame on the right because there sick and twisted minds cant cope with their selfs……….heil the truth heil golden dawn

  3. I never knew that about Merkel but I am nonetheless not surprised.

    What Chysi Avgi needs is a major news network of its own. Don’t get me wrong, the information on this site is great, providing the truth that the mainstream media is so afraid of. The only problem is that isn’t reaching enough people. Of course, a TV station of our own is not possible currently but something needs to be done to spread the truth to a wider audience. It needs to be done because the brutal truth is not available to most Hellenics, only sugar coated lies. The information about Merkel in particular would NEVER make it into the mainstream media.

  4. I am disguusted disgusted from the apocalypse of the real identity of these “people”, these Animals who are all in control of the most glorious nations on Earth….Europe.
    Oh my God. They don’t just belong behind bars! We should have wild animals, lions -for example- like the Romans in Colloseum used to, and throw this unspeakable deamon communist/Zionist Jew lover joke called Merkel, the chimpanzee comic and tragic persona called Barosso and that liberal air-headed happy French fool on the 3rd photo, the crypto-paedophile
    to the lions, while we sit comfortably and watch this whole scene and act of Divine justice being given for the sake of the future of our childrem, and also the preservation of our existance!

    What kind of “people” with what KIND of a psyche, morals and inner ideological mental world, with what kind of ETHOS, standards, sense of responsibility upon the future of thousands of millions, sense of patriotism and security of the well being of our nations, heart and mind govern us today in this evil evil and absolutely suicidal, self-defeating, immoraly rotten, and another “miracle” of -Jewish obscene mind- creation called E.U??

    We should all dig into and search the profile of the past activity and personal life and achievements of these sick, evil and twisted EU personas and learn who they really are, where do they come from and who lays above them. Who are they serving if that could be possible, each of us seperately and all together.
    To know who your enemy really is and what is his role play to this hypocritical theater of democrats-conservatives and their supposed opposition and different stands from each other to take our votes (when in reality they are all into the same game serving the same purpose) or whatever else is i believe the first thing that should be done.

    Disgusting sick ex communists, Leninists, Marxists, Maoists, liberals libtards leftists of the 70’s and 80’s and psychopathologically twisted and dangerous people that in normal times would be thrown the least in jail to rotten for the rest of their lifes,
    and not be in positions of power and authority to the whole of Europe.
    Can’t believe what I’m reading. It’s disgusting

  5. DISGUSTING!!! I hope EU falls, even if it means total collapse and poverty to all Eu member countries. I am ready for it!! And that sick fuck Green dude on the film clip telling how he molested those poor children 😦 He is not the only one, it seems to be the Elite fun activity!! I won’t be putting my kids in to the Kindie!! Trust no-one when it comes to your children!!

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