8 comments on “Greek Media Hysteria and Lies Now Against Golden Dawn New York.

  1. The Greek media liars of course took the context of posting addresses and rents out of context on purpose. The point wasn’t to “intimidate” but rather to shed light on their hypocrisy and economic incentives to hate Golden Dawn.
    1) If Iannis Delatolas is not getting NGO money and is not a queer prostitute, how can he afford his exorbitant 2200 dollar rent as an unemployed photographer?
    2) How can Despina Lalaki speak for the working class when she lives in one of the most expensive and elite parts of NYC? How can she represent Hellenism on behalf of the Onassis center when she admires Mustafa Ataturk, one of the greatest enemies of Hellenism and murderers of Greeks in history?
    3) How can Father Karloutsos, after taking a vow to live a life in the footsteps of Christ, live in opulence in a 750,000 dollar house in the Hamptons? Meanwhile, Kasidiaris and the rest of the Golden Dawners in parliament gave most of their salary to help the poor and unemployed. Why does Karloutsos focus so much on doing the bidding of millionaires and winning the favor of Jewish anti-Christ’s, instead of giving preference to those that demonstrate piety and faith?
    4) How is Richard Ledes winning awards and still making movies, when his movies get such god awful reviews? You really think his billionaire father in law being one of the most powerful figures in the Greek community has no impact in his artificially extended career? Have a look at what critics say about his movies:
    His films are Ed Wood without the B-movie humor. Were it not for his connections and ties to Soros and Jaharis, and his extremely wealthy upbringing, he would be a manager at Burger King.

    • Great writers and statemen many years ago have expressed their valuable opinion…….
      The mystery of this silencing by the press of such vital facts is explained by the Hon.W.Jennings Bryan who said………….Newspapers do not give facts, they fool the people regularly….New York Times, May 16…1921
      Americans know nothing about what is going on overseas………Shaw Desmond, The Chicago Tribune, March 1, 1924
      The United States is not getting the Truth of conditions in Europe…Mr.Ch.Edw.Russel, Socialist leader, May, 1925.
      The newspapers are the dirtiest and filthiest things that ever happened…Mr Bjurstedt Mallory, Chicago Tribune, July 21, 1922

      Europe is descending towards dissolution. We are willing to check the descent. But we are unable to determine, how we can help !!
      We are not well informed as to the facts ! The danger of complete collapse is nearer than ever………Chicago Tribune Febr.7. 1923.

      The newspapers have thousand of informers………..but they remain silent !!

      Men of genius, such as Voltaire, Napoleon, Lamartine, Henry Ford, have warned us that history …….is untrue.

      When a nation forgets God…….God sends an earthquake…..said the French genius, Victor Hugo…….

      We are witnessing a political earthquake ………in Greece !!!!!!!!!!!


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