4 comments on “VIDEO: Golden Dawn Only Moves in One Direction. FORWARD!

  1. This was a good and defiant video. As soon as Golden Dawn takes power, there will be no more unemployed Greek carpenters. Gallows will be under construction at every town square in the country.

  2. Found this from a good book –

    “Not all the persecutions of the movement and of its in-
    dividual leaders, not all the defamations and slanders, have
    been able to do it any harm. The correctness of its ideas,
    the purity of its purposes, the readiness of its adherents to
    sacrifice, have thus far enabled it to emerge from all oppres-
    sions stronger than ever.

    If, in the world of our contemporary parliamentary cor-
    ruption, it attends more and more to the deepest meaning
    of its struggle and feels itself and conducts itself as the pure
    embodiment of the values of race and personality, it will, in
    consequence of an almost mathematical law, some day bear
    victory from its struggle. Just as Germany must inevitably
    win its rightful place on this earth, should it be led and or-
    ganized on similar principles.

    A State which, in the epoch of race poisoning, dedicates
    itself to the cherishing of its best racial elements, must
    some day be master of the world.

    Let the adherents of our movement never forget this,
    should ever the greatness of the sacrifice lead them to a
    fearful comparison with the possible triumph.”

  3. So what are they gonna do? Arrest every single member of Golden Dawn? They really don’t get it. When these persecutions are inevitably revealed as the shams that they are, our leader, Michaloliakos, will simply resume the fight.

    Take heart my fellow Hellenics. All these desperate attacks, all this pro zionist/anti-Hellenic propaganda are merely the last breathes of an evil order that is long overdue for an overthrow. These actions are not being done out of even what they falsely see as right but rather out of fear for what Golden Dawn represents: justice and the return of the Spartans!


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