11 comments on “Communists Save Samaras: Establishment Leftists Reject Golden Dawn Referendum Suggestion

  1. communists and capitalists are two sides of the same coin. Bolshevism and Wall street is an example

  2. This will open the eyes of a few more brothers/sisters and come to Golden Dawn! Its only a matter of time before more and more Greeks see its just Golden Dawn vs all the other parties! Syriza and Tsipras will fall to the side along with Samaras and ND, like the fat pig Turkoglu and Pasok has!

  3. Ah SYRIZA, the coalition of the radical left. Is anyone really surprised that anything other than disorder came from them? They are just a mish mash of over a dozen ideologies (and that is just the major ones, they are even more tiny ones in the ranks). And as the saying goes, “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” They have gained the seats they have, of that there is no doubt. However, do you have any idea what will happen if they gain control of the country? Here is the answer: they are going to work together in perfect harmony for all of 5 minutes, at which point a moderate issue will appear that puts them at each others’ throats over which interpretation of their Lord and Savior Marx is the correct one. And from there, the coalition of theirs will splinter and fade into the history of corrupt and weak willed coalitions, where it will be rightfully forgotten.

    What makes the victory of Golden Dawn inevitably is not only the fact that it is the only truly anti-memorandum party but even more importantly, it is the only pure party. Where all the others make fragile coalition parties, Golden Dawn stands proudly alone but untainted. Will it make victory slower? Perhaps, but the thing is that when victory does come, we will be unstoppable. No compromises, no weakness, no bullshit.

    Hail Hellas.

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