16 comments on “International Zionist Congress says: “Orthodoxy Is Responsible For Anti-Semitism”  

  1. The whole Christian world knows that the Jews killed Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, not just the Greeks! They still, to this day try to kill the truth and truth tellers ie Jesus, Hitler, Golden Dawn!

    • I think it was the Romans who put Christ to the cross, still the Jews thought of him not as their Messiah who they are probably still waiting for, but as a good teacher.

      • We all know the role the Romans played, they were usued by the Jews as the always use someone to do THEIR dorty work!

  2. Judaism is satanic so naturally Orthodox Christianity is against it. Orthodoxy is the word of God and the truth, the synagogue of satan can’t stand it because they are the people of the lie. Orthodoxy is the key to world peace, any political party which wants to succeed must defend it from the innovations of the satanic ecumenists; jews and masons, such as the papal calendar implemented in 1924. The Geniune Orthodox Church of Greece and other old calendar traditionalists are true defenders of Orthodoxy.

  3. Disgusting Outrage.The filth who spread this are born of a diseased dogs last excrament.It is then laid to rest in the sun untill bleached white.When it turns to dust it is picked up by the wind and spread throughout the world where they spawn.

  4. “and specifically the age old accusation that the Jews were responsible for killing Christ.”

    Oh so now it is just an accusation?! Everyone, even non Christians, know it to be fact that an angry Jewish mob lynched the son of god. We are very sorry that the undeniable truth is inconvenient to
    the Christ killers. Except we really are not sorry at all. Thousands of years later and the Jews won’t even admit, let alone apologize, for the murder of Christ.

    “His blood be upon us and on our children.”

    This quote from the bible is of paramount importance. This is where the devolution of the Jews originate. They may have once been the people of God but this is where they forever turned their back on him and adopted Satan as their father. They went from being the chosen to the eternally cursed and damned by this betrayal. They are an unholy race and they have plagued all the races of man and prevented them from living in peace ever since.

    Whether it be through their control of the media or their hands in world events, they represent a physical manifestation of the devil itself. This isn’t something that Hellenics alone must fight. All of us must stand against these creatures of sin and continually expose their lies and evil.

  5. The Zionists(who have destroyed the world) need to keep the Christian orthodox religion and people alone…you inhumane people need to be eliminated immediately…period!!!

  6. These Inhumane Zionists(who has destroyed everything in the world(past and present),should leave the Christian Orthodox and its people alone,and these same people,these so called elite should be eliminated immediately!!!!

  7. Re: International Zionist Congress says: “Orthodoxy Is Responsible For Anti-Semitism”

    Please provide references

    Thank you

  8. How typicaql of the FAGGOT KIKE blaming anti-semitic behavior of others for their actions of wanting to eradicate people of Indo-European origins, in Israel race mixing is illegal along with same sex marriage yet these same scumbags want to foist it uopn others, this more than justifies the existence of Golden Dawn & like minded groups…HAIL GOLDEN DAWN…bringing light to a darkened world

    • Mrs.Nesta Webster cannot escape the conclusion that International financiers put up the money….Mr.S.Gompers confirmed it on May 1/1922 …”Chicago Tribune”………More it is Jewish financiers who supply the funds: it is Jews who have been the agents-provocateur of revolution for the last 2.000 years……It is the Jews who are the secret inner council of the principal organized horrendous movements at work in the world with wich organized government has to contend:
      Grand Orient freemasonry – Theosophy – International finance – social revolution

  9. Jesus came to be the Lamb of God and suffer on the cross for our sins and save mankind for those who believe in His Name that we may have eternal life in His Kingdom in heaven.So why would any Christian be mad or angry about Christ being killed and sacrificed on they cross and raised from the dead for our salvation and that is my Orthodox upbringing taught me.

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