11 comments on “Unprecedented Sadism: Israeli Citizens Find Entertainment In the Bombing Of Gaza

  1. Israelis don’t hide the fact that they want to commit genocide against the Palestinians. Netanyahu has openly called for genocide on camera without realizing he’s being filmed:

  2. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    ― Voltaire

  3. The world leaders hypocracy makes me sick beyond belief.I do not in any way condone what happened in Ukraine with flight MH17 but why take chances with flying over a war zone and how the hell do they find these recorded messages so quick.The question im asking my self is who intercepred these calls and if they could have averted a disaster.Also now both sides know some one is listening in..Why replay the messages on the news over and over on a loop to the point of brainwashing.The other point is how quick to blame Russia and Putin directly.Israel uses American weapons and money to kill Pslestinian men woman and children. Using the same logic America and single out Obama should also be held accountable for these deaths and should also be condemned for there role.
    Its time for Humanity to grow up, pull together and stand rock solid in solidarity for your traditions, your families and your God given right to exist in peace.Its time to acknowledge your history and celebrate.Its time to recognise all the atrocities and forgive.
    Pull together because the people united can never be defeated.
    Pull together people of the world or it will all unravell to a time when we all will be kept equal by hacking axe.

    • Sorry to tell you democracy is dead and the real war is on the zionist communist world you don’t think both attack are coincidence? A airplane shot down at the same time the zionist attack gaza not hamas but the civilians of Gaza?

  4. Golden Dawn once again exposes Jewish filth for what it really is… Golden Dawn & like minded groups are the real champions og civil rights & Justice while at the same time exposing the so called tolerant groups of the filth & scourge they seek to push on our beloved peoples of Indo-European origin, I stand & give you the Hellenic salute my friends..HAIL GOLDEN DAWN, bringing light to this filth infested darkened world

  5. One only has to read the disgusting comments on most Israeli news websites that follow articles about the Palestinians to see their true colors. After one I saw recently about how Palestinians were supposedly flying swastika flags there was a slew of kike commenters openly calling for israeli forces to go in there & murder them for it or to simply bomb the whole area flat. These things (for they truly are not people) MUST BE STOPPED before the world is destroyed! I believe with all my heart that they would destroy everything around them if they cannot have it for themselves – their leaders have even said as much publicly! One day soon enough people MUST see the kikes for what they are and the REAL threat they pose to the very existence of humanity and then work together swiftly to rid themselves of this, the worst & most enduring, problem we have ever faced!

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