7 comments on “The Lies of Samaras Do Not Convince The Money Lenders! Greece #1 Bankruptcy Risk!

  1. The Greedy pigs that lie cheat and steal soon will be under the feet of the greek people……..its will come to a point or the point will come to them………

    • Just another nail in the samaras/establishment coffin! Soon there will come a time that there will be no more room for nails and Greeks will bury them all!

  2. Under an ineffective and corrupt evil regime, investors are not investing!? Well I never!

    I’m not even sure if this even qualifies as news at this point. I mean, even among the most brainwashed New Democracy supporters, does anyone really believe that any of the actions of Samaras have actually achieved anything other than disaster? All the improvements and accomplishments they claim they have are just some fancy statistics on a piece of paper to appease the IMF. These things do nothing AT ALL for the average Hellenic.

  3. Have they found the killers of the Golden Dawn supporters yet? Are the Greek police even looking for the killers or are they covering up the Greek government’s crimes.

  4. I dont think that there is ANY DOUBT that certain sections of the police force, in your once safe and beautiful country, are on the take and since there hasnt been a peep from them about those two brutel Golden Dawn murders its not small numbers…!!!

    • I dont understand the voodoo economics forced upon the Greek people.
      How do these morons expect the economy to grow when they have raped the peoples incomes and destroy their jobs ?
      Are the vultures circling to pick up a bargain ?
      Unfortunately i feel the worst is yet to come.

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