9 comments on “Photos from Food Drive in Athens Today

  1. WOW!! Talk about caring, Golden Dawn are magnificent! There love for people and country is truly remarkable and, as a worried patriot in the UK, I salute every last one of you ,beautiful !!!….

  2. It must really burn the establishment knowing that despite stealing Golden Dawn’s constitutionally entitled funds, they still can’t stop their charitable efforts.

  3. A beautiful sight to be sure! I also appreciate the reminder of Manolis Kapelonis and Giorgos Fountoulis, the holy martyrs.The one year anniversary of their murder will arrive in a relatively short time now and we will continue to honor the memory of these brave men who were murdered by anarchists and ingored by the Junta. The innocent blood that was spilled by the traitors to the Hellenic race will be avenged!

  4. The government can’t even feed there people the only people you can truly count on is your fellow man the common folks……….keep up the good work golden dawn…..this one American supports your good will. Too victory and beyond

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