12 comments on “Nikos Michaloliakos: July 1974 to July 2014. 40 Years of “Democracy”

  1. “Reckless extravagance, further spread of leftism, consolidation of corruption with the 2 party state.”

    More or less the story of the entire Zionist Occupied West.

  2. Sir, I am a Greek-American, a child of immigrants in the USA. You might be surprised to hear: I admire your love of homeland and I believe you love your people. I just can’t understand why you have to hate immigrants. It’s just so easy for me to imagine my parents, your people, being met with hatred and intolerance here in the us, Australia, anywhere on earth they had to immigrate. Is it ok with you if greek immigrants are met with hatred and hostility in host countries? i believe that you love us so much, that that would make you furious.
    Like my great-grandmother used to say: With hate, you always lose, even when you are right.
    just some honest thoughts sir. Thank you.

      • Dear Greek American Dimitra from what i can recollect in regard to the policy of Golden Dawn we are not talking about hate. My wife also is foreigner from the indian Ocean but these thinks that are actually happening in Greece a country the size and extention of Florida believe me they are not happening elsewhere. { Gulf countries – Indian Ocean – central Europe e.t.c }…We are talking about the impact of illegal and in breach of the laws invasion of foreigners. Golden Dawn a Nationalist European party fully elected i may presume dos’nt claims this. Says that if you have your documents…you are legal, otherwise if you don’t have to show your documents you are illegal to stay and live in Greece – sustain yourself on the back of the others.

    • Greece is the ancestral homeland of the Greek people – it is all they have – just like Germany, France etc are the ancestral homeland of these people. They are not a nation of ‘immigrant’s according to the lies of multiculturalism. USA, Australia etc, yes, are nations of immigrants but were first and foremost only of European Christian immigrants before the horrors of multiculturalism set in. Soon, Europeans are going to have nowhere to turn to as they will be a minority everywhere. By the way, do you really think the Greeks suffered four hundred years under muslim occupation so muslims can now enter our country illegall, murder and rape our people and eventually take over – again! This is not about hate – it really is about love of our nation.

    • I wonder if you actually have the honor and integrity to respond, or are you just another lying opportunistic person pretending not to understand ?

      • In regards to Vicki.
        It may be that the Golden Dawn message isnt getting across to the broader community and people are getting mixed messages, mainstream media plays a part in that im sure.
        The Immigration issue is a major one as people may not be clear on your policy or wrongly percieve that it is to extreme.This perception will negate alot of the gains and you cant expect people to just know.They see a 1 minute segment on the news and it’s probably negative. It’s G.D’s job to convey the message positively and broadly.
        Food and clothing drives do a great service to the community and win the hearts and minds of people not only in Greece but abroad.This is a massive win as you attract donations from abroad and win votes in Greece..You already have won this part of the commumities support and if you dont apeal to the broader community its going to be tough.
        Politically this is imperative….
        I’m angry, your angry, the whole of Greece is angry and i cant begin to know their full emotion a world away but it aint going to help them just being angry.They need a clear and positive message delivered in a bipartisan way.
        If my perceptions are wrong and somewhat ignorant,educate me my friend.
        To post or not to post its up to you moderator but i wish you well in your drive to free Greece from tyranny and traitors.

    • There is a massive difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigrants. Most non-American residents had entered the country legally with legal docs. Most immigrants in Greece are illegal if not all. They entered Greece with “illegal” thoughts in their minds, of plundering, robbing, raping, etc. That silly Samaras and his crony geriatric Papoulias are to blame for these state of affairs in Greece.
      I’m right aren’t I, xaameriki !?!!

  3. Cyprus is a greek island and not the dam Armenian Genocide turks scum….. turkey been doing on cyprus like israel is doing too the Palestinians murdering with no world out cry or so called democracy to stand up for it………

  4. Meant to say in an inclusive way not bipartisan, in other words try and encapture the broader community.
    Hope this clears it up for you.

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