7 comments on “GOLDEN DAWN RADIO Episode 17: The War of the Worlds

  1. “Politically organized homosexuality and its ultimate goal of legalizing pedophilia …”

    Daniel Cohn-Bendit reminds me of John Savage’s character (Red) in The Anarchist Cookbook (film),

  2. Thanks for doing a long show this time, us non-Greeks are mostly in the dark in regards to internal Greek affairs and rely on you guys for the non-kosher (i.e. real) version of the events.

    I was really angered after hearing about Kasidiaris’ arrest and then not seeing a reaction but I’m glad you guys don’t see it as a setback and are playing it smart.

  3. Good, good good good, an excellent piece patriots, keep at “them”.! “They” may controle most of the worlds media and have many of the “walking dead” believing what they see and hear but our time will come. These unholy perverters of the truth and everything decent will one day be swept aside along with the garbage they controle…….!! Great website!

  4. Off topic, but relevant to the situation in Greece, and now the USA with ‘immigrant children.’
    Whites are NOT genetically related to non-Whites. The ‘common paternity’ bullshit has been debunked, but, of course, WE aren’t being told… we ‘goyim.’



    Just as the Last Adam and the First Adam were unique species, tied together by the Providence of God, and the obeying of the command, ‘Do not ADULTERATE,’ so, too, nowadays, European Whites must throw off the shackles of the Genociders who wish us to embrace the monkey man, or some other abomination, and call it either ‘Christian,’ or ‘Democratic.’

    It is neither.

  5. I read this article with deep interest because the facts are absolutely true. It is about time nationalists of all countries to stand up to this zionist movement as with GD. We are not all doped by them and as long as “they” know that we know what’s going on it will make it more difficult for them to carry on as before. We do not bow down … we carry on opposing!
    P.S Unfortunately here in Greece a majority of people have forgotten their past their history and go ahead to vote in totally unsuitable politicians and even mayors, such as that loony Boutari! Where on earth did they dig him out from !!?!!

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