3 comments on “PASOK Supporting Individuals Involved With Strawberry Field Shooting Have Been Found Innocent

  1. It is amusing how we, the supposedly evil racists, are actually more interested in the well being of the immigrants than the supposed humanitarians! The people who promote these multiracial societies at home are the same greedy devils that rape third world nations for their own profit. They are the reason these people come to our homes in the first place.

    Do not mistake this as sympathy for these illegal parasites. All that I am saying is that we need to acknowledge the root of the problem and deal with that. If we allow them to live in peace and develop in their own nations(well as much as barbarians can develop) while we develop ours, the world would be a better place.

    As for what this news story specifically was about, these guys will never be convicted with the current government. The rampant cronyism will ensure that it won’t happen. And as our Archigos cleverly puts it, since a few members of Pasok committed a crime, shouldn’t the whole party be arrested? Because that is how democracy works, right guys?!?!

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