1. This is not a problem in greece only…it’s. world wide cancer…humanity has to unite and destroy ZIONIST JEWS….PEOPLE WAKE THE F@#K UP……SAMARAS AND VENIZELOS AND PARTIES HAVE TO BE TRIED FOR TREASON, AND CRUELTY AGAINST HUMANITY…..WHOS GOING TO DO IT?? UNITY OF THE PEOPLE…….

    • Well said, most of the world is suffering because the International Zionist Banking Gang. The Jew is enemy #1, until people get that we can’t make much progress. Golden Dawn is leading the way and setting the example in Europe. This is why there’s such a harsh crackdown there.

    • SOS

      Democracy is no more existing in the country that long time ago was born

      We are under attack by the zionists and elit banking interests.

      We must restore the Democratic principles again.
      We must reform our Constitution.
      We must safeguard our society and greek population from the immigrant invasion legal and illegal.
      We must remove our traitors and globalization puppets.

      George Parashakis

      Polykarpos Markaras

      • Democracy is a kikejew tool of subjugation, as it was
        in the time of Pericles and his kikejew wife.

        Freedom is earned – not given.

        For the moment, lost.

        RESIST !!!

  2. And yet on the island of Karpathos were devils Jews are making it their new holiday destination, you have the Justice minister arriving by helicopter to tell the local police to provide extra protection.
    Please spread the word

  3. Activist arrested and detained for distributing flyers
    Ugandan anti-corruption activists arrested for distributing flyers
    Philly cops arrest 2 for distributing flyers
    Barton Barton & Plotkin| Maurice Ross
    You cannot be arrested for the contents of your flyers. But you can be arrested if you distribute them in a way that violates local rules for how and where you can distribute flyers.
    Answer Applies to: New York
    Replied: 6/4/2014

    • Good post and info, thanks.

      The Greeks continue to forge the path to freedom.

      In the US various anti-judeo sites are being harassed and shut down. In Framingham, Mass, Jim and Joe Rizoli’s cable news show was canceled in complete violation of our right to free speech. Websites like Daily Stormer and John Friend’s blog have been targeted. In Congress the occupiers and traitors bicker over which exact bill will dismantle our Bill of Rights most effectively.

      We have just so much time and so little freedoms still left. Americans should be using theirs while they still have some. Golden Dawn pushes forward with such focus and defiance.

      No retreat, no surrender.

  4. The best way to counter the crack down is for Nationalists holding Western passports to fly into Athens and volunteer to peacefully pass out information flyers mentioned. Let’s see the Samaras regime then deal with the human rights crisis of arresting Americans,Brits,Australians,Swedes and the complaints filed with all those foreign embassies for the peaceful exercise of free speech. Peaceful resistance.

    • That is a great idea.
      As for this latest egregious assault on the political and civil rights of the people’s Nationalist party of Golden Dawn,take heart comrades. Your point couldn’t have been proven any more clearly if you had SWATed your SELVES. There is a war on patriots in Greece, carried out by cowardly sycophantic traitors beholden to jewish interests in America and elsewhere,and constituting overall an act of TREASON against Greece and the Greek people itself.
      If you are able to get us over there, we in America,England,Sweden, Australia, and elsewhere will gladly go and do what we can for our Nationalist comrades of the Golden Dawn.
      If Samaras wants to take orders from Americans, this American will stand face-to-face with him and tell him “RELEASE THE POLITICAL PRISONERS OF GOLDEN DAWN.”

  5. http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/enimerosi/view/chrush-augh-pantou-enhmerwtikes-draseis-me-jenoglwssa-fulladia-se-bergina-k
    I saw also at the link to the official site above that at the same time that flyers were handed out in Dion and other archaeological sites. This is very smart because the caliber of tourist that goes to these sites operates on a higher intellectual plane. In other words students of Hellenism are more likely to see through the propaganda haze of the plutocrats’ mass media. They understand that there is a rich history and more to the white race,in general. Its not all about “gas chambers” and “Gas ovens” , lol!

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